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PIMA:Call for the Flood Victims URGENTLY

In pakistan on August 24, 2010 at 12:34 am

Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA)

Call for the Flood Victims URGENTLY

Through their Zakaat



Pakistan is facing the worst calamity of its history. Floods have hit almost every part of the country. Our doctors are continuously in touch in the affected areas. They need medicine and funds to raise the infrastructure in the affected zones. Step forwards and help us combat this situation.

Brief Summary of the ongoing PIMA Relief Activities (From July 31st-August 2nd 2010):

·        Number of Camps: 18

·        Number of Patients: 6097

·        Staff Participated: 58

Your donation today can save someone’s life

A/C No. 0120-0100075224,
Meezan Bank,
Allama Iqbal Road Branch, Karachi .

For Information & Details Contact freely:

Dr. Sohail Akhter (President PIMA Sindh)

+92-333-3803025                   E-mail:drsa99@yahoo.com

Dr. Rao M. Naeem (GS PIMA Sindh)

+92-321-3897308          E-mail:raomnaeem60@gmail.com

Dr. Ahmed Salman Ghouri (President PIMA Karachi)

+92-321-2022851          E-mail:drsalman_ghauri@yahoo.com

Dr. Zaki-ud-din Ahmed (Vice President PIMA Karachi)

+92-300-8222298          E-mail:citycard@super.net.pk

Dr. Abdul Malik (GS PIMA Karachi )

+92-321-2420231          E-mail: drmaharmalik@yahoo.com

Dr. Shahyan Shadmani (Incharge Relief PIMA Karachi )

+92-321-9230595         E-mail:shayan.shadmani@gmail.com


PIMA House 201, 2nd Floor, PECHS Community Hall, Shahrah-e-Quaideen, Karachi .

Phone: (92-21) 34534379, Fax: (92-21) 34553891

E-mail: pimahouse01@ yahoo.com

(In Charge Dr Aziz Memon 0333-7102366)

Four doctors with mobile dispensaries visiting different relief camps in the city daily.
Patients seen around 400 daily.
Space and Doctor/paramedics (salaried) for a Stationery OPD for IDPs in search. InshaAllah to be functional by Monday 23 Aug.

(In charge Dr Abdullah Khilji 0333-7271227)

8 doctors visiting relief camps daily with govt teams Doctor and paramedic locally hired for mobile/stationery OPD work to start by 22 Aug Insha Allah

Dera Murad Jamali:
(In charge Dr Hammad Zehri 0301-3693614)

One doctor and two paramedics (hired) doing daily OPD patients seen approx 300 daily IDPs estimated 8 lac plus now; medicines worth 1.7 lac suplied through Quetta on 17 August

(In charge Dr Abdul Raheem 0300-3042303, Dr Aziz 0333-2702501)

Full report not available; IDP influx not huge; small numbers residing in some camps Two such camps (housing approx 1000, being looked after by local PIMA doctors daily)

Bin-Qasim, Thatta:
(In charge Dr Abdul Qadir Soomro 0333-2148173)

Razzakabad and other camps in Bin Qasim (with few thousand IDPs) Here medical help already plentiful, hence local PIMA decided to move their human resource and other facilities to Thatta, and adjacent places. Plan is to hold two mobile camps; one at Thatta and other at Jhirk (near Thatta) from 21 Aug Insha Allah

(In charge Dr Shayan 0321-9230595, President Dr Ahmad Salman 0321-2022851)

10-15 camps at various places. Two mobile camps daily in work since 17 August: A team of 3 Dr/paramedic in each camp Sachal Goth: 35 pts (17/08); Gulshane Maymar: 150 Pts (18/08); Bhains Colony 50 pts (19/08); (more planned)


(isolated due to flood threats, majortiy of population has migrated. No work since 12-08-2010)

Immediate Needs
More doctors and paramedics needed for 15-30 days on salaried basis
Procurement of medicines (donations, local purchase)
Kashmore/ Kandhkot: Needs professional Help (Doctors/paramedics) Medicines; planned to support by volunteers
AMBULANCE(S): Need of Medical Help appears to be stretched to next few weeks at least. Access easier via own Ambulance, which PIMA Sind has none. So far using Al-khidmat ambulances locally. Planned to buy at least one Hiace/Ambulance but funds so far insufficient.

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