Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

You Should Wait – By Auria Maqbool Jan

In pakistan on August 25, 2010 at 7:02 pm

  1. No doubt it is the torment of Allah(swt) and it is already begun.
    No doubt we deserve to be perished.
    It is the law of Allah(swt).
    Now its time to save ourselves, repent in front of Allah(swt) forget about rest of the people because Allah(swt) is sufficient for them.
    There is no way to reverse this process only Allah(swt) can change the hearts and minds which is quite unusual when it comes to the collective levels.
    But i have one question why these literaly people like Mumtaz mufti and others sang the songs of the greatness of Pakistan by quoting these Allah walay log?

  2. I read Oriya Sahib’s article few days ago. No wonder Allah brings another clan when some community don’t listen Him

  3. Astaghfar, Astaghfar and Astaghfar is the only solution, its the time to revert back to Allah otherwise count down of our destruction has already begun. . .

  4. i like that person very much. he is very devoted and have a nice heart. if some one have his cell no or id then plz send me or text me at 03336916546

  5. The only solution is that everybody should correct himself,automatically everything will be corrected by God. god sends rulers according to aamaal of people.

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