Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

وقنا عزاب ا لنا ر

In Uncategorized on September 9, 2010 at 10:29 am

  1. Bohat Aala Kashif bhai….Kash journalism men mojood doosray log bhi yeh kam karsaken jo aap kar rahay hen.jazakAllah
    Eid Mubarak sab musalmanon ko agarche:
    peyam e naveed o massarat sunata hay
    hilal e eid hamari hansee urhata hay

  2. jazak Allah keep on spreading the word of Allah as most of us are unaware of the reasons for the present calamities

  3. Jazak Allah ho fid-darain.

    You have chossen to spread the MOST MOST Important issue to circulate, I do also pray Allah SWT to open our eyes to SAVE ourself form being pushed into JAHANNUM, Ameen.

  4. janab i don know u very well but any ways i do remember what the allam says that we dont need any further cloue.means allah k last
    prophet ne jo gawahee ya di woh he kafi hain.means k mes may ya kise ko ye khena k gril k khawb may aya tha wagerah durust nahe.rest the
    speech is to touchy……….but plz send it to all those (our politions)……….thanx

  5. bht acha kasif bahi may ne ye para bhat pasand aya allha ap ko zindagi ki her kushi dy

  6. Nice article Kashif…
    but I am amazed of this basharat system of these molvis….why not molana taqi usmani had some basharat at the time of red mosque when innocent girls were facing a huge state torment and torture…might be some basharat of “mashlayhat” and that time this mulla was flying to Malaysia rather than finding solution for this issue…first of all these mullahs should do tauba for what they have did and the false thing they tell us on the name of basharat..there is nothiong thing like basharat in Islam. I have big issue with this basharat and crap soofi system, why not me and you can have this basharat?

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