Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

کمیاب ہیں تو کل ہمیں نایاب دیکھنا۔ بیاد سید معظم علی قادری مرحوم

In Personal on October 13, 2010 at 5:26 am

  1. May Allah (SWT) rest his soul in peace and reward him the best in Jannah (Ameen!)

  2. Naheen hay shak K hum Allah hi K hayn.
    Naheen hay shak usi K pass jana hay .
    Magar takleef deta hay .
    kisi ka istrah jana.
    Dikhai kuch naheen deta .
    Sunai kuch naheen deta .
    Faqt kuch kapkapty lafz .
    Jo honton per thar jayn .
    Ubharti dobti dharkan .
    Usay awaz deti hay .
    Koi apna k jis ka nam .
    Apny dil pay likkha ho .
    K jis K wasty dil say .
    Duayn hi nikalti hon .
    Bahut takleef deta hay .
    Usi ka youn chlay jana .

  3. JazakAllah u Khaira Kashif Bhai for writing this article.

    Indeed,we have lost a great knowledge bank in shape of Moazzam Sahib. May Allah (SWT) rest his soul in peace and reward him the best in Jannah (Ameen!)

  4. No doubt he was a great scholar, teacher, father, friends, guider, helper even we don’t know his hidden abilities he had. ALLAH will give him place in the “HEAVEN” with angles and Hazrat MUHAMMAD (PBUH) INSHAALLAH.

  5. Very nicely written, and very touching, just the way he was, he touched hearts with his soft and kind manner and words with which he used to dispense knowledge. indeed we have lost a great leader. May Allah open His gates of heaven upon him. Ameen.

  6. Comments from Facebook/ Gmail / Via SMS

    Asghar Hussaini : Masha-Allah Kashif bhai aap ne hamarai shafeeq Buzrug-o-Ustad-o-Muhsin Syed Moazzam Ali Quadri Sajab kay barai men baray hi khobsoorat andaz men mujh jesai beshumar Mautarifeen ke kheyalat aur jazbaat ki tarjumani ki hai Allah Subhanaho Wataala aap ko jazaye khair ataa farmaye Ameen.

    Iftikhar Matloob : Jazak Allah, Kashif you have done a very good effort to sum up some aspects of MAQ. He was a great teacher, great mentor and above all a great human. May Allah bless him with high position in Jannah, Aameen.

    جزک اللہ
    اللہ معظم بھائی کی مغفرت فرمائے
    اور انہیں جنت میں اعلی مقام عطا کرے آمین
    دعا گو
    طالب دعا
    اقبال احمد

    Moin Fatmi : Very well said, Ameen Summa Ameen.

  7. kashif bhai me moazzam bhaai ko bachpan se matlab sixth class se jaanta or dekhta raha hon
    aaap ka bahut shukrya k aap ne un ki shakhsiyat or khidmaaat k chand pehloo saamne laane ka aghhaaz kya he
    ALLAH aap ko jaza de

  8. Allah Mugfarat farmay jamiat kay sathi rukun thay balla suba anhon nay apni salahiyatoon per aboor hasal kia.

  9. میں قادری صاحب کے جنازے میں شریک تھا۔ بیٹے نے ان کی نماز جنازہ پڑھائی۔ قابل رشک حالت تھی۔ اللہ ہم سب کواپنی اولاد کی اس طرح کی تربیت کرنے کی توفیق عطافرمائے۔ آمین

  10. Assalam-u-Alaikum, Kashif Bhai I am a regular reader of your blog. This articles is also superb about Muazzam Sahib and I am sad to knon about him although I don’t know him. Anyhow, I just wanna say that I am an MBA marketing and you have mentioned here of a Marketing Research Firm and I am eager to do some job in such an organization which may perform its works for the welfare of humanity without any expectation of benefits. Salary is not a big issue but I wanna use my skills in some prosperous work. If there is some vacany in this organization then do inform me.

    Basit Rahman

  11. Hafeez Bhai

    Thanks for writing about Moazzam Sahab; such a nice, decent and knowledgeable person. I had chance to sit in one of the Dars-e-Quran delivered by him and it was so impressive and full of knowledge that I was wishing for endless session.

    May Allah Place him in the upper stages of Jannah and reward him for the efforts


  12. Gaye dinoN ka suragh lay kar, kidhar say aaya kidhar gaya woh
    Ajeeb manoos ajnabi tha, mujhey to hairaan kar gaya woh

    Bas aik moti see chhabb dikha kar, bas aik meethi see dhun suna kar
    Sitara-e-sham ban kay aaya, ba-rang-e-khwab-e-sehr gaya woh

    Khushi ki rut ho keh ranj ka mausam, nazar ussay dhoondti hai har damm
    Woh boo-e-gul tha keh naghma-e-jaan, meray to dil meiN utar gaya woh

  13. From Munawwar Mirza

    ڈھونڈو گے اگرملکوں ملکوں ملنے کے نہیں نایاب ھیں ھم
    تعبیر ھے جسکی حسرت و غم اے ھم نفسوں وہ خواب ھیں ھم

    ڈھونڈو گے اگرملکوں ملکوں ملنے کے نہیں نایاب ھیں ھم

    اے درد بتا کچھ تو ھی بتا اب تک یہ معمہ حل نہ ھوا
    ھم میں ھے دل بے تاب نہاں یا آپ دل بے تاب ھیں ھم

    ڈھونڈو گے اگرملکوں ملکوں ملنے کے نہیں نایاب ھیں ھم

    میں حیرت و حسرت کا مارا خاموش کھڑا ہوں ساحل پر
    دریائے محبت کہتا ھے آ کچھ بھی نہیں پایاب ھیں ھم

    ڈھونڈو گے اگرملکوں ملکوں ملنے کے نہیں نایاب ھیں ھم

    لاکھوں ھی مسافر چلتے ھیں منزل پر پہنچتے ھیں دو ایک
    اے اہل زمانہ قدر کرو نایاب نہ ھوں کمیاب ھیں ھم

    ڈھونڈو گے اگرملکوں ملکوں ملنے کے نہیں نایاب ھیں ھم

  14. Inna lillahe wa inna alehe raje’oon.
    I do not know about late Moazzam Ali Qadri Sahib but after reading the article and the comments i can say that he must be the man of great qualities and character.One of unfortunate thing about the death in current modern time is that it snatches away the ‘man’ and leaves the numerous bipeds around.
    May Allah(swt) forgive the sins of late Mozzam Ali Qadri, give a patience for the family and raise some people to fill the space.
    Best regards

  15. There is no doubt that Moazzam Bahi was not only a great human being but also a sincere mentor.
    Whenever & for whatever matter I contact Moazzam Bhai he always treat with complete dedication & its my feeling that till the task been completed he remain part & parcel of the working even its not his responsibility. I really appreciate Br. Kashif Hafeez column, it’s really

    کمیاب ہیں تو کل ہمیں نایاب دیکھنا

  16. Very well written!
    Although I had a short stint at Oasis – but got a chance to work directly with him. He will be missed for more reasons than one.

  17. Assalam u Alikum.
    My Dad was a great person, a great TEACHER and world best DAD ever. He never said anything against Islam and outside Shariya. He always gave best of best. This space and gap which has been created by the demise of my dad(SYED MOAZZAM ALI QADRI) for ME, for my family and for his industry cant be fulfilled ever by anyone. May ALLAH give us strength to follow his ways and teachings. And forgive his sins and give him place in Jannat ul Firdos and make his grave a piece of Jannah. And hold us firm. Ameen

  18. It was heartfelt grief to me hearing sadly demise of Moazzam Sahib on 28th September night. For most of people one special individual who becomes a mentor, offering guidance, inspiration, encouragement and success. For me that was Moazzam Sahib.

    Kashif Bhai – Today I heard about this article and just read it. Mashallah you write well, though it is short but you have covered almost all aspects of Moazzam Sahib’s personality.

    May Allah keep his soul in peace and give him place in Jannat -ul- Firdus – Ameen



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