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SDPI – Sustainable development of liberal jackasses

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By Dr. Jawwad Khan

During my primary education I got my first introduction to Akbar Allahabadi. He once said that:

یوں قتل کے بچوں سے بدنام نہ ہوتا
افسوس فرعون کو کالج کی نہ سوجھی

This idea might have not crossed the pharaoh’s mind but western civilization learned it very well. This is the reason why they are funding many NGOs to bring a “social revolution” i.e. converting potential die hard enemies into “soft hearted” and “civilized” followers. Social engineering is a good strategy to win the future war and to eliminate the resistance in future turmoil. Because the leader of the west has committed so many crimes against humanity and against Islamic Ummah that it is almost impossible to win the heart and minds through justice.

Naturally the better alternate is a social engineering. Make your enemies to speak your language, make them follow your morals and dogma, give them lines to think, books to read, food to eat, dress to wear, and glitters of entertainment to seduce their minds and you find no obstacle against your global ambitions.

The essential and key part for the social engineering is to change the syllabus and curriculum. When it comes to change in syllabus, few names comes frequently in mind. Like SDPI (Sustainable Development Policy Institute) Ahmed Saleem and A.H. Nayyar.


SDPI came in lime light in the “most enlightened era of education” when Quran was comprised of 40 parts and examination system was going to be biennial. We saw the formation of parallel Agha Khan board of education.

The details of functioning of this board were so shocking that Jamat e Islami and Islami Jamiat e Talaba Ran a campaign against it. Meanwhile I saw Mr.A.H.Nayyar in Capital talk of Geo TV, few years ago, where he was having a tough time explaining the motives of his activities and the activities of SDPI.

Amazingly I saw Mrs. Dushka Syed (an academic and professor of Quaid e Azam University) exposing the intentions of SDPI. Referring to the meeting with SDPI officials, she revealed that one of them said that Allam Iqbal was a fascist poet therefore his poetry should not be taught in our school, colleges and university. She clearly said that SDPI and its scholars had been given a certain line (from outside) and they were pushing it.”


She also said there was nothing wrong with teaching jihad to children; after all, Islam was not the religion of Christ who taught its followers to turn the other cheek. Why should jihad be wrong when the Americans feel that it is against them? What was required of Pakistan now? Are we supposed to become prostrate in front of India (lait na jayen)? She said our history was full of jihad and the Holy Prophet PBUH himself did jihad. But the SDPI was obstinately against our history. ‘What are we supposed to do? Should we do namastay-namastay ?’ There was injustice being done in Palestine and Israel was crushing the Muslims with impunity. Should Pakistan become Switzerland in these conditions?

My understanding of the intentions of SDPI is to remove every glorious aspect of our history from our syllabus like Mohammed Bin Qasim, Shahabuddin Ghori and every Muslim ruler who conquered India, 1965 Indo-Pak war etc and create a mindset of future generation compatible to future designs for the world and region i.e. friendly and less vocal on injustices and disputes.

The concept of sustainable development is a global concept. Also known and work under “Agenda 21”. It was introduced as “Brundtland report” in 1987 and later described and formulized in successive world conferences held by UN from 1994-1996.The SDPI is a part of this global program. If you visit the site of SDPI, you shall find the mission statement in these words;

“The Sustainable Development Policy Institute provides the global sustainable development community with representation from Pakistan as well as South Asia as a whole.”

The question is what is sustainable development? And how it is applicable on Pakistan?

This is an extremely important issue and requires a separate forum to discuss.

What I understood by spending hours on it, the sustainable development or agenda 21 is a plan for global control through global population control by any mean and control of world resources. This control can not be achieved until people are detached from the religion, customs and local traditions. That is the main reason the idea of sustainable development demands the efforts in social sector. Insha’Allah I shall discuss the issue of sustainable development later. This is not a conspiracy theory it is a actual documented program prepared under the umbrella of United Nations.

Coming back to the ISDP and Mr.A.H.Nayyar, there are some interesting things about Mr.A.H.Nayyar. He is nuclear scientist (useless like Pervez Hoodbhoy), done his PhD from Imperial college London under supervision of “one and only” Dr.Abdussalam (I think this reference is enough and convincing for many). Like Pervez Hoodbhoy, he offered his “services” more in the social sector rather the field of science.

Few days ago I saw Mr.A.H.Nayyar again on Express TV (Front line with Kamran Shahid dated 23/10/2010) this time it was much amusing experience.


I saw after I learned about this debate in Pak Tea House and self proclaimed libertarian and a jackass, Yasser Lateef Hamdani aka YLH known for his below average intellectual level and loose temperament(and of course a source of entertainment for me).

The dumbo (YLH) gave a tag line “Brilliant PTH editor Raza Rumi and contributor AK Chishti demolish Fareed Paracha of Jamaat e Islami

The amusing thing is that there is A.K Chishti aka AKC from London. Its a familar name for playing tricks in Blogging world.

Due to his extremely hostile and fascist approach to the Islamists of Pakistan and affiliation with MQM,he is also known as AK47. He used to attach barrister with his name (God knows better about him) since few months he also became a defense analyst and opened a front against Madrassa and explaining that how serious threat for world peace, these poor Madrassa student could be.

When the whole Pakistan and the whole world and even American human right activists were crying over Supreme Court’s verdict, the so called intellectual giant Mr. A K Chishti was trying to prove that Dr.Afia Siddiqi is a guilty as charged.

Irony is that his own party (MQM) doesn’t believe this (at least after murder investigations of Dr.Imran Farooq)


And of course there was certified historian and intellectual giant Mr.Raza Rumi. He did nothing but kept referring Mr. K.K Aziz (a Pak Tea House’s favorite historian and Islamophobe) One common thing in all contributors of “other side” is that all were the admirer of Dr.Abdussalam Qadiyani (including Mr. K.K. Aziz) and irony is that they have only K K AZIZ as a historical refrence and only one speech of Quaid e Azam which is interpretated in other way.

After watching the episode the already present image of Mr. YLH grew more stronger. 🙂
watch for yourself



  1. There is one error in the post.
    HTML stuff was uploaded through visual editor instead of HTML editor.

  2. Jawwad Bhai ! Its honor for me to publish this classic article at Kashifiat. Kashifiat is nothing other than a place where we are resisting Liberal fascists in a peaceful manners.

    Alhamdullilah ! Talkhaba, Hamara Pakistan, Naqad, Adnan Siddiqui, Dr Jawwad , Faraz Baig, Fahad Kehar & many others are contributing a lot at this front.

    Resistance against these ناپاک وجود will continue.

    Regarding SDPI بکواس I have written detailed two columns which you can read at http://kashifhafeez.com/mazameen.php The no are 80 & 81

  3. Your article is just showing the tip of an iceberg. A lot needs to be exposed about SDPI and it’s allies in Pakistan. In short, they are a mafia of satanists who can even sleep with their own mothers if their donors pay for it.

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