Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

Blasphemy law is essential

In Blashphemy Law - An Islamic Perspective, Islam - A Study on November 24, 2010 at 6:43 am

Chancellor, Jamia Islamia, Binnori Town, Karachi

There have been many incidents where people punished the blasphemy accused by themselves. This should never have happened. However, such a situation arises when authorities don’t take a serious view of the most sensitive issue of sacrilege by someone publicly.

Muslims are extremely sensitive about the honour of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and care for it more than their own lives because it is the basis of their faith. Even the Quaid-i-Azam, who was also a great constitutional lawyer, had defended an accused who had killed a blasphemer. However, there are some NGOs which claim to represent human rights, but factually they maintain no contacts with the common people. Their spokespersons have neither been raised nor educated in local conditions.

One such spokesperson has reportedly pledged to take the case of a blasphemer to the higher courts where, according to him, the blasphemy accused are generally released (Dawn July 1, 2002).

The law of the land should be invoked as per the historic perspective, tradition, culture and aspirations of the people. The blasphemy law is very much in accordance with these conditions.

The opponents argue that the blasphemy law is being and prone to be abused. Would somebody point out which law of this country is not being abused and many of them in broad daylight? Should all the laws be abrogated on the basis of this fact?

As far as the freedom of expression is concerned, why is the blasphemy law still on the statute book of even England – mother of all democracies – though the beneficiaries of the law are only adherents to the faith of the ruling class.

Why don’t the exponents of human rights and freedom of speech start their protest campaign in that great democracy instead of an Islamic country?

We need peace and harmony in our beloved country and for this purpose the law of blasphemy is essential

Source: http://www.dawn.com/2002/10/04/letted.htm#2

  1. That is right but Westerners and liberals of pakistan don’t like this argument.They need this law to be ablished permanantly.They pay no attention to the necessaity, practical implications and usefulness of this law in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.Like many i can feel that this issue is not related with the human rights or rights of minorities rather it is related a specific arrogant and Islamophobic mindset.I believe that this kind of incidence make them happy because they find a perfect opportunity to malign Islam and pressurize Muslim ummah.

  2. shame on the author for lying about Quaid-e-Azam.

    Read A.I.R 1930 Lahore 157 Ilamdin v. Emperor.

  3. Mr.Yassir Lateef Hamdani,
    This is not Pak Tea House.You can present your opinion in detail.

  4. You will read it in my column in Daily Times don’t worry.

  5. YLH

    People first misconstrue history and then call others lyers.

    The whole premise of your article in Times was that Mr. Jinnah just fought the case; he did not concur to the ‘crime’.

    By the way, would you mind fighting the case of a person who kills Aasia bibi, if you are given a handsome amount of money? How do you beleive that a politician and a lawyer Muhammad Ali Jinnah, would be so naïve to fight such a case if he did not had his heart into it!

    I have been strongly against the ideology you and your wife are propogating, but as an author, you used to command a lot of respect! why did you have to write such a baseless article?

  6. We will resist the repeal of blasphemy law. Even if it costs us our lives. We are lovers of prophet and this is not Denmark. This is Pakistan and we are very much here. We warn the govt and liberal minority to stop tinkering with the Islam.
    Youth of Pakistan

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