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Blasphemy its a product of gross violation of every thing

In Blashphemy Law - An Islamic Perspective on November 27, 2010 at 4:54 pm

By Dr Jawwad Khan

The latest blasphemy case contains awfully shocking events and realities. The persistence with this kinds of incident in all over the world and in Pakistan is unbelieving for many. Once there was a time when no one could ever imagine to commit this felony and remain unpunished in Pakistan. Once  people thought that whoever commit this heinous crime will suffer the consequences. But things are different after 9/11. Although America and west is unable to conquer the ummah through war against terror but they have successful in subjugating the hearts and minds of a sizable faction of ummah through a psychological war, intimidation and temptations. The sequence and global occurrence of this phenomenon(blasphemy) is disturbing for every Muslim who have a intact faith. The whole drama is staged on the principle of “freedom of speech” and “tolerance”. This principle is widely accepted in all over the world. It attracts especially for those third world people who are suppressed and ruled by western sponsored tyrants.The People who never saw or experienced a real freedom especially attracted and seduced by this slogan. The west gave this slogan and west itself made its rules. The rule is that you can not say any thing about the private lives of Tom,Dick and Harry.Personal attack is forbidden and considered as a bad practice but you are allowed to malign and ridicule the honor of exalted and revered Prophets. The main and funny feature of this freedom which should not be neglected is that even though you are not talking on personalities, you are not allowed to talk against the Holocaust. The message is very clear Global Modern Civilization wants you to believe that freedom of speech is much superior to sacredness and glory related with a Prophet-hood.
There is also some internal shocking aspects related with the government and Aasia Bibi. First of all this is not the case of misuse of blasphemy law for personal vendetta. She was charged under 295-C of PPC which clearly says that:

Use of derogatory remarks, etc; in respect of the Holy Prophet. Whoever by words, either spoken or written or by visible representation, or by any imputation, innuendo, or insinuation, directly or indirectly, defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.

We saw highly disgusting behavior of Governor Punjab Malaoon (ملعون) Salman Taseer .One should not forget the Aasia Bibi was a convicted criminal who was trialed and found guilty in court of law. Our “rangeela” governer of Punjab met the Malaoona Aasia Bibi in the jail and asked her to sign a mercy petition with out her prior request. Salman Taseer (ملعون) not only asked her to sign a mercy petition but also called the blasphemy law as a black law in a press conference attended also by malaoona (ملعونہ) Aasia. Nothing in the world like this could ever be seen when a acting high government official  like governor holding a press conference with a convicted criminal and criticizing on the law. This whole process is facilitated by Raaey Wind branded (رائے ونڈ مارکہ) and Jeddah returned “Shareef” government of Punjab. The aim is to make mercy plea be approved and send Aasia (ملعونہ) abroad. Providing a unique opportunity for  the whole world to laugh on us by giving it a impression of:
1) Having impractical laws due to which people are being sent to other countries to avoid injustice.
2) Inconsistencies between constitution and governing bodies.
3) Cowardliness of ruling elite of Islamic republic of Pakistan.

According to information, the investigation officer SP Ameen Shah Bukhari the convicted has been confessed in front of the leaders of the minorities. In the court of law she has been testified by the witnesses for passing derogatory remarks against Nabi e Kareem (peace be upon him) on a quarrel with co-workers. She has been openly investigated, trialed, found guilty of blasphemy and court of law gave a death sentence.

So no one can say that this is a case of misuse of blasphemy law.

But liberals and enlightened moderates giving us the impression that blasphemy law is misused and allegation is false to take revenge from a poor christian woman . This is a typical denial of the reality.

The pope Benedict has a shameful roll on all this recent blasphemy issue . He never protested or raised his voice against Dr.Afia Siddiqi’s case or the case of millions of victims of war against terror. He never showed any sympathies to Muslim victims of Islamo-phobia, for Hijab as a right of Muslim women in Europe. He knows very well that blasphemy is equally forbidden and have the same punishment in Christianity as in Islam. The minority leader who showed the solidarity with the majority of Muslim population of Pakistan turned their back just because they see the world is not in favor of Pakistan and almost all are criticizing against the blasphemy law and started demanding for amendment. This law has already been amended by Pervez Musharraf and every government tries hard to nullify the law. Now launching a F.I.R for blasphemy case is more difficult than ever. One  S.P level police officer is required for this job because now any lower cadre police officer can not register the F.I.R. As soon a F.I.R is launched, accused is taken into police custody primarily to protect him and then investigation is started. As long as law is there and effectively applied there is less chances of misuse of law. People should have a reassurance that justice will prevail and offender will be punished. As long as government do that there is a remote chances that people will take the law in their own hand. In reality this blasphemy law is not only a deterrent but also a shield for innocent minority person. In spite of full support to make it effective, Christian community started believing that they should have a right to say any thing against the most revered and exalted Prophet of Islam. The change in the behavior of Christian community will take them into more troubled and  complicated situation where exaggerated anger will prevail rather than a common sense. Forgetting the fact that Muslim pay more respect to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) more than any Christian could pay Him as a prophet. No Muslim could possibly think of blasphemy because having faith of his prophet-hood is an essential part of Islamic faith.

Blasphemy law is put in the place to create a deterrent to protect the honor of most revered prophets. Unfortunately this deterrent never worked because successive governments tried hard to avoid international pressure rather than exercising supremacy of law. The ineffectiveness of this law will ultimately make us void from Our glorious history, our struggle with Hindu in Pakistan movement, 2 nation theory, sacrifice of millions of lives to get a homeland where we could practice Islam without fear and pressure. Ignoring the sensitivity and emotional affiliation of Muslims with the Prophet Mohammed(صلی الله علیھ و آل وسلم) and making this law as null and Void though amendment or by not providing force to the law will ultimately results in a wave of shock,anger and frustration with in the Muslims of Pakistan and begets more extremism more hatred and more restlessness. Which i believe is a ultimate goal of world global elite.

The roll of NGOs, liberal jackasses and enlightened moderate is also shocking. The warm and active  support for blasphemer indicate that how deep modern global civilization has been penetrated in our society glitters of Dollar, seducing dreams of life in USA and become the partner of liberal ruling elite of Pakistan.The shocking fact about this ruling elite that great majority always comes from the families of collaborators and traitors. Their forefather served best for British masters and they are serving best for masters (global ruling elite. This whole puppet show is validating the remarks of US official that:

” Pakistanis will sell their mothers for a dollar”.

This remark is true as most of the time our ruling elite offered many exceptional services.
When Aamil Kansi was handed over to US government by Farooq Laghari and Miyan Nawaz Shareef .This remark is true for our ruling traitor elite who not only handed over a Pakistani daughter Dr.Aafia Siddiqi to the savage Americans and later on destroyed her case and let Americans to held her in prison indefinitely. This ferocious ruling elite played the lives of millions of people for the sake of dollars. They used every opportunity to get the dollars. Earth quake, flood, war against terror etc. Their love and hunger for more money is not ambiguous.

This disgusting and traitor ruling elite is put in place to serve their vested interests and serve their masters. If we do a careful analysis we can easily find that world forces do not want a peace and harmony in Pakistan through continuously pressurizing Pakistan to” do more” and keeping under pressure by any and all means. The blasphemy campaign and campaign against the blasphemy law is a part of their tactics. It is a ridiculous to see those who violate the human right more are the biggest champion of human rights and religious rights. Minority community should understand the whole game. They have to live and die in Pakistan. They should not fall in this trap of chaos and bloodshed.

The psychological effect of repeated cases of blasphemy is typical. I remember 10 years ago in a heated discussion with a Indian Hindu,I saw him loosing his patience and started abusing Allah(swt). It was the first time and i was shocked and paralyzed for few minutes and later on i became  so outrageous that if he was present there he would have been killed instantly. The emptiness and rage created due to his comments is unforgettable even after 10 years. But human psyche is not very stable thing. Thing which is once considered as most awful,shocking and unimaginable can become a common practice in compelling circumstances. The same is true for blasphemy. We, the people of Pakistan  are forced to live in compelling conditions it is not far from the fact that we can adopt and can learn to live in shocking incidents like blasphemy. We have already been accommodated many perversions. Rapid and unbelievable changes can be seen taking place in our society. I am not feeling the same anger or height of emotion as i felt 10 years ago. The response of the nation is also weak and slow. Our religious parties did not pay a due attention to this issue.
Did we see any response from religious political parties?
What happened to those who  promote  “Ishq e Rasool(saw)”?
Is common man seems disturbed by blasphemy?

Now comes a big question. What if convicted repents as in case of (ملعونہ)Aasia bibi. The answer according to shariyah and logic is to kill the culprit and close this door once and for all. No doubt that Nabi e Kareem(صلی الله علیھ و آل وسلم) forgave his worst enemies but He (صلی الله علیھ و آل وسلم)always considered ridiculing Himself as a serious crime Therefore blasphemy is always considered as a biggest mischeif. Some time forgave on repentance but in most of the cases he ordered execution to be carried out. Now Nabi e Kareem (صلی الله علیھ و آل وسلم) is no longer with us and ummah is heir of prophet.  It is said that president has a right to pardon the convicted but one should not forget that blasphemy is not like other criminal cases. It is a matter of whole ummah and the sentiments of whole ummah is hurt badly by this act. So president can’t pardon with out the consent of whole ummah.

This is our test case as a nation. We can’t blame the ruling elite all the time. Ball is in our court this time. If we did not force our leaders to act according to the law and if Aasia bibi was sent abroad then i am afraid that we shall loose our emotional affiliation with the Nabi e Kareem(صلی الله علیھ و آل وسلم). Every Muslim man and woman who fears Allah(swt) and worried about the Judgment day should take this event as a warning sign from Allah(swt) and ask this question to ourselves that aren’t we partner in this crime by remaining silent.

Source : http://funadamentalist.wordpress.com/2010/11/26/blasphemy-its-a-product-of-gross-violation-of-every-thing/

  1. Dear Dr. Khan,
    Having read your column with great interest I was struck by two powerful and eternal truths: 1) Allah is the all compassionate. 2) We are all His children.

    You state categorically that in Christianity, the punishment (death) is the same as under this law. That was true many centuries ago. Especially under the leadership of that church of Pope Benedict. So you may think you have an argument. However, Christians in Europe learned by bitter experience that these laws and punishments have the opposite effect on love for Allah and actually creates more perversion and violence. Therefore I beseech you to learn from the compassionate nature of Allah and Nabi e Kareem. This law will actually lead to the destruction of righteousness.

    Also, please realize that the corruption and greed of the “elite” is the real problem facing Pakistan and most other countries. It is better to work directly with that problem. Leave the punishment for blasphemy to Allah as the all knowing will best be able to judge such a thing. We are all His children.

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