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آسیہ کیس کا تجزیہ اور قانون توہئن رسالت

In Blashphemy Law - An Islamic Perspective on November 28, 2010 at 5:34 am

  1. I never saw an article covering so mnay aspect and answering so many question regarding blasphemy issue. May Allah (swt) accept your effort and increase your levels. May Allah(swt) give you more energy and gift of quality writing.
    Best regards

  2. بہت اچھے انداز میں حالات و واقعات کا جامع تجزیہ ہے۔ اس سلسلے میں گورنر پنجاب کا کردار ان کے اپنے شخصی کردار کی طرح انتہائی گھٹیا ہے۔

  3. Dear Kashif,

    Perhaps you would be interested in reading the following post.

    I will be waiting for your comments.

  4. As a muslim, I would say that Asia should be hanged to death if she did blasphemy. I don’t know why NGOs and Taseer always get worried into this matter? As per law of government of Pakistan she should be hanged to death as Mohammad(SW) is our beloved personality. I wish that this law of Blasphemy should become more strong and universal. And may Allah entered all those people to Jahanam who are supporting this Asiya?
    however, your way of writing did not inspire me..you presented the whole matter like this as prophet (SW) naoozubillAh all the time giving killing orders..I would say that your article is much negative and ran out of cogent reasons…..you tried to prove that it’s a hard and fast solution fixed by Mohammad(SW).you forgot the ayah of Quran that Mohammad (SW) is Rahmat-ul-lil Alameen
    And [thus, O Prophet,] We have sent thee as [an evidence of Our] grace towards all the worlds.(Quran:7:58)
    you forgot to mention when prophet (SW) entered to Makah after victory, he pardoned everyone. He asked to take refuge in the house of Abu-Sufyan who was the worst enemy of the Prophet and used to say bad things against Prophet(SW). Why did not prophet (SW) order to kill him? even wife of Abu-Suyaan Hinda and her slave Wehshi, and his son Muawiya was pardoned. You must mention the words that prophet said to Hinda and Wehshi.
    you forgot to mention about that Jew old woman who used to throw dirt on the prophet (SW) and one day when she was ill, prophet(SW) visited her…did prophet(SW) asked to kill her?
    or in the matter of the person who killed her concubine or slave girl Asma bint e marwan. Did prophet ordered to kill her? that Sahabi killed her in the love of Prophet (SW) and she was that sahabi’s slave. You trimmed out the slave thingy from there.
    All the examples you mentioned were not only the enemy of Prophet(SW) but the worst enemy of Muslims as well.
    I am amazed what you are depicting in your article that NaoozubillAh Mohammad(SW) was a person who used to kill everyone who sad bad words against him? I think you need to groom up yourself, your way of writing and knowledge.

    • Dr. Khurram,

      Its not just his article, the clerics who are ‘for’ the blasphemy law ALL quote the same example, the executions on the conquest of Mecca weren’t for ANY Blasphemers, because the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) never executed anyone on personal grudges as you have mentioned in your Post. I have mentioned why the law is not Islamic, see the post mentioned in my last comment.

      While we Muslims cannot tolerate blasphemy, we must show the world what our Leader, the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) taught us. He taught us to smile in pain, tolerate the intolerable, pray for those who abuse you. We can stop this blasphemy by our character, it can never be enforced upon anyone.

      • No more tolerance on this issue. No Tom or Harry has right to insult Prophet(SW).I would say that as a muslim we must have to make this law stronger so that no one can even dare to do blasphemy of Prophet(SW)and it should be like the holocaust law. As a muslim, I appreciate it and believe that Asya should be hanged if the charges of guilty are proved against her. Why Pakistan government was not worried about innocent Afiya, who was brutally raped and tortured in Afghanistan as she was the follower of Prophet Mohammad (SW). They hanged Saddam on the Eid day as he was muslim (I do agree he was indeed a very cruel person) but on the other hand, delaying or thinking to cancel the death penalty of Tariq Aziz giving him the rebate as he belongs to minority and very old…what a duality???? Why not Tariq Aziz is going to be hanged as he equally participated in Sadam’s crimes.
        If I be the president and if Asyia found guilty; I would straight away order to hang her till death.
        However, mentioning and depicting this to support this idea that prophet himself ordered to kill everyone who did blasphemy is not true. Mentioning these example to support their own ideology, should be considered itself a blasphemy. They don’t know what they are writing and what they are saying? are they proving that prophet (SW) ordered everyone to kill who sad some bad things against him then what about the Sahaba like Umer bin Khatab (RZ) and Khalid bin Waleed (RZ) who turned to muslims later and before that they were the worst enemy of Prophet. did prophet ordered to murder them NaoozubillAh. Another need is to counter-check the mental health and the factor of personal animosity against such a person.
        As Asya has admitted her crime, she should be hanged to death. But for the heaven sake! I request to these writers that think hundred or thousand times before you claim or write something regarding prophet (SW) else be afraid of the day of judgment when they will face Prophet (SW) and prophet might ask them why you wrote this regarding me without authenticity or some wisdom???

        • Dear Dr. Khurram,

          Let me quote my previous post to you,

          In the two posts I made about the blasphemy law, I clearly proved from the two sources, the Holy Qura’an and the Hadith that no such law exists in Islamic traditions.

          Islamic history has been distorted over time by the clerics for their interests. Hence we have the 72 sects in Islam. I noticed you didn’t answer my question (which was an important one) let me re-quote it again.

          Can you sit quietly when the idolaters are doing blasphemy towards Allah, while you are beheading people who do blasphemy towards the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)? Who is higher in rank for you, the King of Kings (Allah) or Allah’s Holy servant (peace be upon him)?

          I have specifically quoted the case of Ibn-e-Khatab in my post to prove that he wasn’t executed for blasphemy. Many blasphemers were given pardon on that day. If you haven’t read my posts, please go through them.



          May Allah guide you to the right path

          • You think that you are presenting some very cogent reasons…In Quran it is mentioned at several occasions that Kuffar of Makkah called prophet Majnoon (Naoozobillah) see Surah Qalam and Allah(SWT) is answering in response to it… but in reponse to your question I have just one answer read surah Baqarah (I think it’s enough for you)…where Allah (SW) is advising muslims no to say rasul ‘Raina’ as hypocrites of Makah mocked at prophet or to make fun of it they streched it ‘raaina’ (Naoozubillah)means (our shepherd)…Allah is advising muslims to say ‘Unzurna’ instead of it..
            “O you who believe! Say not (to the Messenger Peace be upon him ) Ra’ina but say Unzurna (Do make us understand) and hear. And for the disbelievers there is a painful torment.” (Quran:Al-Baqarah: 104)
            These are the words of Allah(SWT) and if Allah(SW) minds it that someone says to Rasool some wrong word then who am I? I love my Prophet and I am very clear that she should be hanged till death if she found guilty…
            “Whoever is an enemy to Allah, His Angels, His Messengers, Jibrael (Gabriel) and Mikael (Michael), then verily, Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers.” (Quran:Al-Baqara:98)
            I’ll never ever support this idea to let Asya go out of Pakistan to please America..

          • I agree Allah minds if someone says something bad about the Prophets but, Allah says that He is the one to punish! Where does it say to behead to people yourself? Does it say that? By executing someone for which Allah has already prepared a punishment, isn’t it that humans are (God forbid) assuming the role of God?

        • “However, mentioning and depicting this to support this idea that prophet himself ordered to kill everyone who did blasphemy is not true.”

          1) that is right. some time he forgave but Ahadith and Athar sahaba (ra) tell us that Nabi e Kareem(saw) was highly disgusted by clown like mokery with himself.

          2) There could be a difference between animosity and blasphemy.In a blasphemy which causes other people to laugh at Prophet is quite different things. My dear you need to differentiate between two. Its like a bring Omer shareef in middle of a lecture on Dars e Quran…..Do you think that dars e quran will leave any effect on audiance because of Omar shareef’s taunting and “jaggat Bazi”?
          The derogation and deriding has more devastating effect not only the effected person but also on the viewrs and audiance.I have been beaten and tortured by MQM’s worker on few occaision and after many years i forgot all about them.But i shall never forget those who were there watching with amusement and laughing at me and ridiculing me.

          • the debate is going on on the topic that prophet did not proposed something by himself to punish …however, in the light of the foot-steps of Sahaba and Ijma by various scholars, such a person should be hanged. I do agree
            you misunderstood! here by ‘animosity’ means, I meant to say that we must have to check that on the basis of animosity someone blamed someone of blasphemy and let him/her hanged…like people use to do in village to engage someone in 302 article (case of murder) and on the basis of wrong evidence and animosity that person is hanged though he is innocent but in this case as if that lady accepts that she did it, in-front of the officer and if there are no evidences of personal animosity among the two parties then she must be executed else people will make a joke of it and everyone will claim against his/her enemy to charge for blasphemy.

          • did Prophet(SW) disgusted when people of Taif made fun of him, throwing stones at him…when Jabreel came to ask prophet to torment them but what prophet did…he prayed for them…give me a single example that prophet got disgusted and ordered to kill that person on these basis…indeed prophet got sad over their ignorance…these laws were established by Sahaba and Scholars of that time and writing it in the perspective that naoozubillah Prophet minded and ordered killing of people who made fun of him is wrong..

            however,now it’s enough with these rascals and as a muslim it’s our duty that not to allow any Tom or Harry to make fun of our prophet(SW)…muslims of the world should make movement to bring a universal law like Holocaust law..The blasphemy law in Pakistan is right and any tom or harry who does blasphemy should be hanged…

          • “the debate is going on on the topic that prophet did not proposed something by himself to punish …however, in the light of the foot-steps of Sahaba and Ijma by various scholars, such a person should be hanged. I do agree”

            Are you sure that Nabi e Kareem(saw) never ordered execution for a blasphemer?
            we are not talking about accusations of blasphemy. We are talking about a confession, court trial, testimonies and a verdict from court of law. Look in to the details of this case.

  5. oh gosh!!!!
    the tolerance again….
    It is understood my dear fellow that our beloved Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is the most forgiving,most kind and generous person ever lived …it is understood.
    What is a point repeating these thing like an apologetic defensive muslim?
    The main purpose of these article is to explain why a most forgiving person who forgave the murderer of his (pbuh) daughter and uncle. Who even cant see even animal being treated with cruelty, is not ready to forgive who deride him, make a fun out of him. This is not only an insult of the prophet but also the the institution of prophethood.
    A prophet pbuh can tolerate any and every thing but can’t tolerate the deriding of his job and personality otherwise prophet will become an ordinary person (naauzubillah) like me and you.
    Try to understand the seriousness of the crime dear and don’t try to be so apologetic.
    Do you think that the civilization who created WMD, atomic bombs, MOBS, daizy cutter, bunker buster, biological and chemical weapon is really synmpathetic to the humanity?

    • This is not only an insult of the prophet but also the the institution of prophethood.
      A prophet pbuh can tolerate any and every thing but can’t tolerate the deriding of his job and personality otherwise prophet will become an ordinary person (naauzubillah) like me and you.

      I am sorry to disappoint you but Qura’an is clear on this subject let me quote Qura’an (Al-Baqarah Chapter 2 : Verse 129)

      ‘And, our Lord, raise up among them a Messenger from among themselves, who may recite to them Thy Signs and teach them the Book and Wisdom and may purify them; surely, Thou art the Mighty, the Wise.’

      Qura’an says that Prophets are from among ourselves, they are people like us, the only difference is their character and actions are at the heights of piety and righteousness.

      The blasphemy to the institution of Prophethood is not believing in what the Prophet has come with, denying their signs, mockery is just the smaller offense. Why is it that within Pakistan no one is persecuted for the blasphemy of the King of Kings who is Allah, yet we persecute those who are blasphemous towards the Prophet? Isn’t that (God forbid) idolating like the Hindus who during the time of Pre-partition, chopped off their opponents heads who spoke ill of their idols.

  6. You seems to be inspired by Mr.Javed Ghamdi.Am i right?
    You Quote a Quranic verse doesn’t apply on highness and exaltedness of the prophet.
    who says or demands that prophet should come from the skies?
    For the human a prophet should also be a human. Its a demand of common sense.
    Rest assured that “AMONG US” doesn’t mean “LIKE US”.
    and please look at the whole picture here read this and tell me that you are not inspired by Ghamdi….


    • Sir, I assure you, Ghamdi is never my inspiration, I myself am a student of theology. Let me quote Qura’an again for you.

      Bani Isra’il Chapter 17 : Verses 93, 94, 95

      ‘Or thou have a house of gold or thou ascend up into heaven; and we will not believe in thy ascension until thou send down to us a book that we can read.’ Say, ‘Holy is my Lord! I am not but a man sent as a Messenger.’

      And nothing has prevented men from believing when the guidance came to them save that they said, ‘Has Allah sent a man as a Messenger?’

      Say, ‘Had there been in the earth angels walking about in peace and quiet, We should have certainly sent down to them from heaven an angel as a Messenger.’

      We all know how Allah has described a human being in Qura’an hence we should not go in that debate. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is a very respected personality to us Muslims, but we should NEVER put his personality in comparison with GOD the most greatest of all.

      My point is, we have a death sentence for everyone who is a blasphemer towards the personality of the Holy Prophet, but we can sit quietly and let people make fake God’s around us? How is that even Justified?

  7. My point is also crystal clear. Islam has two sources.
    1) Quran: which describes the principles,faith and give a general order.

    2) Hadith which describes and explain the Quran e Kareem.

    Ignoring hadith may result in total loss.
    Have a look at Ahadith.
    Have a look at revered Sahaba e Kiram Rizwana taala alehem Ajmaeen.
    Do you know Hazrt Omer (razi Allah taala anho) beheaded a person just because he was not agreed with the decision of Nabi e Kareem (salallaho alehe waalihi wassalim) and came to ask for a new decision from Hazrat Omar(ra)
    Loon into the opinion of most eminent scholars of Islam.

    Question is why you are doing this? why? why? why?
    Remember what Imam Malik (ra) said when Haroon Ar Rasheed asked a Fatwa against a blasphemer. Imam Malik said,” “O Ameer al Mumineen, how can the Ummah survive when its Prophet is cursed! Whoever curses the Prophets should be executed, and whoever curses the companions of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) should be flogged!”

    Dear brother! Sanctity of human life can not and should not be greater than the honor of the most revered prophet (saw). This is not islam this is out loud liberalism.

    • Dear Dr. Jawwad,

      I am afraid I haven’t heard that story about Hadhrat Umar (May God be pleased with him). In the two posts I made about the blasphemy law, I clearly proved from the two sources, the Holy Qura’an and the Hadith that no such law exists in Islamic traditions.

      Islamic history has been distorted over time by the clerics for their interests. Hence we have the 72 sects in Islam. I noticed you didn’t answer my question (which was an important one) let me re-quote it again.

      Can you sit quietly when the idolaters are doing blasphemy towards Allah, while you are beheading people who do blasphemy towards the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)? Who is higher in rank for you, the King of Kings (Allah) or Allah’s Holy servant (peace be upon him)?

    • Indeed no tolerance for insult of Prophet (SW) and as a muslim I say that you are right but again the debate is that is this law mentioned by Prophet (SW) or Sahaba and Scholars who came after the Prophet (SW)? beheading a Jew was an individual act of Hazrat Omer (RZ) and not ordered by Prophet…Were you there when Hazrat Omer beheaded the Jew? do you know the exact circumtances? and if so then what about Hazrat Omer (RZ) himself who came to kill Prophet with a naked sword and turned to muslim after listening to Quran by his sister and brother-in-law. Prophets are masoom but Sahaba (RZ) can not be considered masoom and they can make mistake. What you say about when Hazrat Omer (RZ) threw a bone towards an adulteress and Prophet scolded him not to say as her Tauba will be much more if it is distributed over Ummah and see the verdict that she came to the Prophet several times and prophet kept on saying come after some time (I am not going to mention the whole hadith here) so that she might change her decision and when finally she came and insisted on being stoned then she was executed. …So Prophet (SW) was indeed “Rahmatul-lil-Alameen”…may Allah increase us in the love of Prophet(SW)and make us Prophet’s true follower…the way these people are presenting and writing depicts some sort of strange image of Prophet (SW). Should not these people be charged for blasphemy?
      Read Fiqh of Hazrat Omer (RZ,) several times he made one decision and then changed it in the light of Sunnah and with the consultation of other Sahaba that were experts like Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas (RZ)…these people were much versatile, sensible and dynamic and they had the courage to consult over their decisions with the people who have knowledge…May Allah’s mercy on Omer(RZ)…may Allah make us the follower of Omer (RZ) and give us the Taqwa like him (AMeen!)

  8. you made me speechless…..:))

  9. Also there is a need to make it assure that this law should not be used to victimize someone on the basis of personal animosity. however, people say that Asya did it once before. If she has found guilty then she must be hanged. Let the courts to do their own work!

  10. @Dr. Jawwad: the way you are present prophet(SW) to support your own ideology is absolutely wrong…may Allah (SWT) give you hidayah…you should be charged for blasphemy as well as distorted the events in your article…as far as you avoided in Quran many of the cogent ayahs in your article…please learn to differentiate between Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Hassan bin Sabah who used to send fidaan to every scholar or king to kill anyone who speaks against him or Tekreek-e-Talibaan Pakistan…
    Prophet(SW) did order killing but not for the sake of his own dislike…for example on event of Khyber a Jew woman put some poison in the meal (roasted goat) …One sahabi ate and prophet (SW) also ate it…the Sahabi died, prophet (SW) forgave that woman but as a Qasas for that Sahabi she was executed…

    how you presented Kaab bin Ashraf case, I am amazed! you have totally changed the scenario…what you are depicting and what Quran is saying:
    It was by the mercy of Allah that thou wast lenient with them (O Muhammad), for if thou hadst been stern and fierce of heart they would have dispersed from round about thee. So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult with them upon the conduct of affairs. And when thou art resolved, then put thy trust in Allah. Lo! Allah loveth those who put their trust (in Him). (Aal-e-Imran:159)
    you guys must be questioned at the day of judgment for the way you present these things…

  11. My dear,
    i am afraid you need to understand more about your religion if you are not Qadiyani….spend some time to know why worst kind of animosity is forgiven and why the derogatory remarks and ridiculing the prophet(pbuh) is a falony according to Islam?…
    Did i say any thing from myself?
    Or you are tricked by modern age and modern education inspired by modern global civilization?

  12. @Dr. Jawwad,
    AlhamdulilAh I am a pure muslim and not a Qadiyani. I can expect this Qadiyani thingy as the last tool to be used by the people like and how dare you to say this?. You belong to a bunch of such poor souls that when they see themselves getting failed to provide cogent reasons they start blaming other people as Qadiyani. AlhamduLilah, I am a pure muslim and consider Prophet(PBUH) as the last messenger. I think you need to read more about religion, I don’t like the way you guys are presenting these events to support your way of thinking. For God sake! learn to differentiate between “Hassan bin Sabah” and Prophet(SW). I never supported the argument to give rebate to Asya and let her go out of Pakistan and I think she should be punished. However, I am not agreed to the way you are writing to support your cause. Come some day to me, I’ll teach you how to write an article in a balanced and critical way to support your cause and Yes! I don’t pretend my religion by Burqa and beard show-off! like most of the Jamatis do 🙂

  13. “Come some day to me, I’ll teach you how to write an article in a balanced and critical way to support your cause and Yes! I don’t pretend my religion by Burqa and beard show-off! like most of the Jamatis do”

    How sweet!
    Love you guys… :flower:

  14. Leave Dr. Kamal alone! say “Qaloo Salama” to him finally he has declared his religion. He does not like what Muhammad (PBUH) liked. His religion is opposite to “Burqa and beard show-off!”

    Subhan Allah every one now knows what is your religion.

    But we love Muhammad (PBH), he loved Hijab so we do, He (PBUH) loved beared so we do.

  15. Asghar Baig sahib,
    The most amazing thing I observe comes with Eiman that;
    It attaches you with some thing and detaches you with the other.
    It makes you love one thing and make you hate other.
    It cause you to become angry in one place and make you calm in other…regardless of your personal interests.
    This is the magnificence of Ieman and Islam which is unfortunately not understood by few new age “revolutionist” and “reformist” muslims..

  16. I think we are getting out of the topic…
    I am watching the Islamic Revolution that Jamaat is trying to bring for the past 60 years and still there are no signs of it…raising slogans “America k awanon mein aag laga do aag laga do” most of children of Jamaat leaders love in america, mad to live there..most of the jamatis are mad for green passport…why you guys could not bring a true Islamic revoultion in the country because you always look at Americans to help you from back-doors…I have seen many of my friends belonging to Jamiyat and when they went to America for further studies or because of their hidden love or desire to live there they changed to 360 degrees…not a single, numerous examples..wow in Pakistan, talking about Islamic revolution and when reached to America dancing in the bars…Alhamduluilah such reform or revolution never bring into my life that I need to visit a pub or club though I lived abroad for my higher studies…Alhamdulilah, I don’t show-off beard and burqa thingy but my beliefs are firm…Alhamdulilah I did not live in Europe or America forever but came back to my country to serve it…alhamdulilah I kicked-off a lucrative job in europe and preferred to live in Pakistan and Alhamdulilah I am still serving in an Islamic …AlAhamdulilah I am not one of those who prefers to live in America and raise slogans for Afiya who was brutally tortured by American…Alhamdulilah I am not a hypocrite Jamati but a true muslim…you poor souls just check yourselves and tell what is the difference between you and APMSO guys…you are a bunch of same cheaters….shall I provide you the list of Jamiat guys living in USA/Europe and surviving on their social funds eh????
    The ayah “Qaloo Salama…” is for you people…I have seen many of the Jamatis who even don’t know to recite Quran properly with Tajweed but show-off their beards and burqa…understanding Quran is a much more farther thing for them….just attending dars and getting nothing…
    During my stay in UK, I saw various people who show-off their beards and burqa but those people were extremely hypocrites… they love to live in UK (actually like their culture) but pretend their Islam via Burqa and Beards. They survive on social fund given to them by British Government and on the other hand raise slogans against British government….they say Islam Islam all the time but they earn Riba or Interest on their bank accounts…they drive Taxis with big beards and pickup drunk girls and boys in their Taxis out of the pubs……if they want and love to live in western countries, want to survive on their social funds then they should not raise slogans for the mosques and burqa as they are 3rd grade citizens there who want and love to live there at any cost…..poor souls, I really feel pathetic about them

  17. @Dr.Khurram Kamal,
    I think you are not getting out of topic….you are derailed. 🙂

  18. ya I do get out of the topic but what abt saying me Qadiani when fail to give cogent reason….is deen only related to beared or burqa? so that these clerics are claiming about my beliefs? that is the problem what many sensible and ex-jamatis told me the problem with jamat is this that they even don’t take a second to declare you “batil” and always self-proclaim them as “ehle-haq” …so the guys when they get failed to provide some sensible reasons…claiming that I am qadiani or modern revolunist and blah blah…but whats wrong if I start telling the names of jamatis who are suriviving on social funds by european and american goverment and dancing in the bars or pubs? my question is this how dare these people to say me Qadiani…or does this right has been given any tom dick or herry to declare everyone with whome he does not agree Qadiani?have they forgot the hadith of prophet(SW) when a sahabi in a war killed a person who accepted Islam and the sahibi killed him and argumented that the person did so because of fear of death and the prophet (SW) scolded him and said did you really know or something like this…that sahabi if I am not mistaken was Khalid bin Walid (RZ) ….or have they signed some contract from Allah to declare eeryone who does not agree to their views as Batil

  19. It is a comprehensive note on current situation regarding Qanoon-e- toheen-e- Risalat(S.A.Wm). Allah hmen Saleh qiadat ata fermay aur poori qom ko seedhay rastay pr chalny ki Qofeeq day. Ameen.

  20. Kashif, Dr. Jawwad etc and his ilk are the worst kinds of the enemies of Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

    I have exposed these enemies of Islam… these bigots and liars of Jamaat-e-Islami in my article

    • @YLH: if you are of the view that there should be amendments in the blasphemy law, I would say that the law itself is perfect and it should be made more strict. Qadiani lobby is making its full efforts to nullify this law, so we must be alert. The only need is to have a fool-proof system regarding this law in order to avoid misuse. My objection was only on the way they are writing articles. As Muslims it’s our duty to implement blasphemy law and I am of the view that Asya should be hanged if she did it. However, declaring someone Qadiani and without any proof in seconds just because he is not agreed to someone’s view is not some sort of a sensible way .. it depicts the same way of emotionality that is found in mot of the Jamiyat guys.

    • I would recommend a slight change of the headline from “shame on us” to “shame on me” 🙂

  21. hahahahhahahahahaaaaaaa….
    what a funny situation is!!!!
    Dr.Khurram Kamal is talking to YLH about Qadiyani fitna….
    bohat aala bhai Khuram Kamal….tussi kamal kar ditta aey..

    • @Dr. Jawwad: DO I need some certificate from you to talk abt Qadianis ? or have you signed some contract with Allah to authenticate everyone to talk on this issue. I don’t agree to your political views and the way of writing, however, regarding Qadianis my view and vision is much clear. That’s the problem with you Jamatis…

  22. Qadiani lobby is making its full efforts to nullify this law, so we must be alert. The only need is to have a fool-proof system regarding this law in order to avoid misuse. My objection was only on the way they are writing articles.

    Dear Dr.Khurram Kamal,
    Then what is the difference between us?
    Does this article support the persecution of minorities…No one does in Pakistan.Are we saying that alleged person should be hanged immediately without any investigation and trial?
    I am sorry but i don’t know where did you see absurdities in this fine piece of article.

    • I think you have not read my posts, the way they are writing articles referring to some ahadiths in a different way is not right just to support their ideology. I meant to say that rather then referring to the life of prophet we must have to accept it that we made this blashmy law by our own and truly speaking it is not proved from the life of prophet. However, love to Prophet(SW) demands that such law should exist and should be more strict. There is no doubt about it and no one has right to insult Prophet (SW). Qadianis are trying to nullify this law so that they can achieve their own motives. Therefore, law should be made more strict.
      I was just trying to explain that to my view these articles are nothing but just presenting the view that naoozubillah whenever Prophet becomes unhappy with someone else he ordered to kill him…all the events presented in their articles are distorted to support their cause and this is objectionable.

  23. You people are disgusting and a shame for Islam… I refer to Khurram Kamal and fundamentalist and other such idiots who can’t make sense when they write.

    Qadiani lobby Qadiani lobby secular liberal lobby…. Blah blah blah.

    How about Abu Juhl lobby you belong to Khurram Kamal, Kashifiat Dr.Jawwad and other enemies of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

    • @YLH
      What about the lobby of morons?….did you ever think about that?
      No one condemns this lobby but every one laugh on them 🙂

    • @YLH: our views can be different on the way of writing, political ideas etc. but however, regarding Qadianis our views are one!
      We firmly belief that after Prophet(SW) anyone who claims himself or declare himself a Prophet is indeed a liar ….criticizing someone’s way of writing or political views nevertheless means that I gonna support Qadiani cult…if you ask my views on Qadianis, you will find me more strict in this regard. I had no objection blasphemy law dear! I just criticized the way in which article was written. In a nutshell, every person who did blasphemy should be hanged till death and the law regarding Qadianis should be made more strict as in foreign they disguising themselves as muslims and preaching the religion of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed not Islam the deen of Allah. Don’t worry, right now this is the case of Asya but one day I believe that InshAllah Qadiyanat the cult of a moron and drug addict will be removed out from this world.

  24. wow…Abu Jahel Lobby!

    I love this term…

    and shall use it often to label the worshippers of Fitna. Most of whom seem to hang around this site.

  25. look who is talking!!!
    Are you guys getting bored of concurring each other in PTH? 🙂

  26. The only thing Im bored of is: reading the stupidity and hate that you think is manna from heaven …and shaking my head!

  27. well done kashif bhai laykin plz is mamlay ko follow bhi zarur karin kay us maluna ka case kahan tk pohncha hay kiun kay ho sakta hay usay fara karwa diya jay kisi mulk main aap logon ki rasai hoti hay in mamlat main to plz follow karin and thanks 4 this colum

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