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Blasphemy Law – Apology Not Accepted

In Blashphemy Law - An Islamic Perspective on December 10, 2010 at 4:34 pm

Ahmed Abdullah

Allah’s Apostle, Mine and the beloved of all the Faithful Muslims of the World , Muhammad Sallallahu Elaihe Wasallam has been reported to have said [Bukhari Volume 1, Book 2, Number 13 ]

None of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind.”

You see, it is a matter of Faith! When you commit a blasphemy against my beloved Muhammad Sallallahu Elaihe Wasallam, your act hurts my faith, my values, my beliefs and my spirit. Additionally, you commit a kind of a spiritual mass-murder, because Muslims have a duty to love him more than all the mankind, and Faithful believers do just that, conscientiously.

And then you ask forgiveness? Tell me, if you commit genocide, would that be repairable? forgivable?

How are the people who commit murder dealt with in the world? Aren’t they either put to death or held prisoner for the rest of their lives. Even people who are held guilty of attempted murder get 84 years imprisonment in the largest democracies in this world. Here, we are talking about killing the spirits of atleast 300 million or more human beings, because it is a global issue, whenever someone commits blasphemy, all Muslims are hurt.

Would we let you go? NO! you will become the ilk of Tasleema Nasreen and Salman Rushdi if we let you go! You can’t just keep killing the spirits of the whole Muslim fraternity! And unfortunately for you, you have become the icon of blasphemy, if you are spared, there would be no stopping to this violation of Human Right.

Can the President forgive you? NO, it is not his prerogative; it’s nobody’s prerogative except for Allah! Our commandments are clear, blasphemy should be rewarded with death penalty only. Can the assembly pass a bill to amend this law, they can, but that would not save you or anyone who does commit the same crime! I see many unjust murders in the wake of this bill passing from the assembly, but what can be done? the bill is about to be passed, and it would allow popular conscience in Pakistan to take the law in their own hand! Another threat to you and your ilk! Sorry for that, but your buddies called for it!

Our religion teaches us respect and mercy? Yes! But so does yours! ours asks us in certain conditions to overthrow mercy and become brutal; and you know what! the condition applies here. You plead that our prophet (sallallahu elaihe wasallam) was a merciful man, so we should be compassionate with you? You commit blasphemy against him and then take his shelter, How Convenient! Yes! Muhammad (sallallahu elaihe wasallam) was a merciful man, yet all those who committed blasphemy publically against Muhammad (sallallahu elaihe wasallam), after establishment of a Muslim State, were put to death, by the orders of Muhammad (sallallahu elaihe wasallam); we follow his path, and will keep following him (sallallahu elaihe wasallam). Why this was done is no mystery; Allah knew that people like you would keep coming and keep hurting Muslims this way, and will keep trying the patience and faith of believers. Thus, as a blessing and a pre-emptive hurt-control measure for the Muslims, this right has been given to us as an obligation.

Muhammad’s (sallallahu elaihe wasallam’s) prophethood is the basic pillar of Islam. We are connected to him in a way you would never be able to appreciate, unless you were a Muslim. We have an obligation to love him more than we love our mother, our father, our children, our spouse and any other human being who could be loved! In our culture, our mothers are the most respectable amongst the people for us, and we would kill anyone who hurts them. Your crime exceeds that, you have been proven by our courts to have disrespected someone who is a part of our belief. You have committed a crime worst than murder.

Apology not accepted!

  1. but you have been asked to be merciful. Even to your sworn enemies.

    Those who forgive show only our strength. They show only our compassion.

    Those who forgive will always enjoy Allah’s favour.

  2. We have been asked to be merciful amongst ourselves and strong against the Kuffar – Please do not deny quran Mr. Khilji

  3. @ Ahmed Abdullah

    No. You are lynig. Period.

    I am not denying the Quran. I have no time for liars like you.

    We have been asked to be merciful. Mercy is dearer to Allah SWT than almost anything that we do. If only because it reflects HIS own sift and mercy that HE displays towards us. Despite our intended and unintended acts of Gunnah.

    And Mercy, is an Act BORN or strength! Mercy is a homage to Allah SWT…it is forgiveness given to someone just to please Allah SWT…so that HE may be favourable to us when we are being judged. Believe me we will need HIS favour more than anything else at that time.

    I dont need religious lessons from a stone hearted idiot.

  4. Mr. Khilji,

    Your blatant effort to declare me a liar reveals not only your tolerance policy, but the dilemma your apologist ilk is facing these days as well.

    The problem you guys is that you want to portray a softer image of Islam; whenever someone does some damage to it by quoting Quran and Hadith, you call him/her a liar.

    OK, so if I am a liar, why don’t you base your argument on Quran and Hadith for a change. This way you would be able to say convincingly that your point of view is right.

    No anecdotes please

  5. Ahmed you wrote “The problem you guys is that you want to portray a softer image of Islam”

    No Sir ! These people want to see Islam only by their own “edited” perspective.

  6. @ Kashifiat

    You are actually right, but we also have the responsibility of teaching the liberals about being polite

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