Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

نصا ب تعلیم جنگ آ زادی سے حصو ل پا کستا ن تک

In Curriculum on December 29, 2010 at 8:39 am

  1. How one can disagree with your analysis.
    But one thing is sure that understanding of lord macaulay about subjugated nations was right and precise.The Britishers succeeded in producing not only generations of mentally slaved people but also produced a chain reaction with the help semi colonial ruling elite of kala angrez.
    The question is how we can get rid of this vicious education system?
    I believe that there could be two ways;
    1) Through ongoing soft revolution which is taking its course at extremely slower pace due to dawah and eminent scholars like Molana Modudi who left many master pieces in the form of literary work which has attracted thousands of educated minds in pakistan and all over the world.Most of the people believe in soft revolution and dawah but i do not.I believe the world is spinning like a machine of a motor in the hands of diabolical power.the slow change has no match with the authority,power and reach it already have.
    In today’s daily ummat published a story with the reference of guardian that over 1 crore people of pakistan drink alcohol.its almost 10% of population.Pakistani society is changing at alarming pace and mere dawah can’t give the solution.
    2) Through a calculated revolution that could destroy the current system and all symbols of westernism.Bring up new political, financial and educational systems. new syllabus,new subjects and new topics that could prepare a generation who could bring a real change in the society.
    I believe that time has come for all Islamic forces to unite and strike back and take what is rightfully ours.

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