Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

مصر کی تازہ کشمکش

In Clsh of Civilizations on February 1, 2011 at 4:26 am

  1. It is our profound desire to see the Egypt is ruled by Akhwan ul Msulimeen but I thing by keeping current situation and ground realities in our minds, it could be the new beginning for Muslim brotherhood. We have reasons to believe that the current wave of turmoil wont result on a Islamic government in Egypt.
    As you have already quoted that Muslim brotherhood announced its co operation with Mehmood Albaradai in removing Husni Mubarak.I think its a time for Muslim Brotherhood a taking necessary precautions and keep itself in a low profile rather an active force of replacement of Husni Mubarak.
    For me the good strategy will be an effort in developing soft corner and acceptance for Muslim Brotherhood in the power circles of Egypt and other forces of societies.For me the biggest victory for Muslim Brotherhood if they are allowed to work freely.

  2. Islamic Revolution in Pakistan


    The revolution, which has hit Tunisia and is now in the process of deploying itself in the final phase against the Firoun, Hosni Mubarik, will one day reach Pakistan also. Zardari, Geelani and all other criminals should keep their helicopters ready, as the Islamic revolution can grip thir thick necks any time.

    The murder of 3 innocent Pakistanis (above link) at the hands of a Democratic Terrorist of Nazi America, has now added more fuel to the political fire, which was already incinerating with a fierce intensity. Zardari’s days are numberd.

  3. Yesturday I meet with friend from Egypt. He told me more then 1000 people are died in Egypt. Its very hard to contact with his family in Egypt now internet is down and also not able to contact on phone.

  4. Hummmm Nice but the problem is that when the same day come into Pakistan to save from ZARDARI and His Sinful Government.

    Allah’s System should be in Pakistan as soon as possible.

  5. yesterday was a finest day in the history of revolution and protest when Hussni Mubarak was resigned from the post.Now all authority has been given to supreme council of Armed forces of Egypt. Now the whole Muslim world is rejoiced by the fruitful movement of Egyptians. This achievement is seen as a symbolic success not for Arab world but also in Pakistan where many people are trying to find the similarities between the geo-political scenario of Pakistan and Egypt.I know it is not the time of conspiracy theory as most of the people of Pakistan feel joy and hope from this remarkable achievement however one thing which disturbs me a lot is that the army of Egypt came out as a savior from this situation.The army whose officers is appointed by Hussni Mubarak and most probably with the recommendations of America and Israel as we see in Pakistan army where generals and other high ranking officer is been promoted and appointed according to approval of America.
    The silence of Egyptian army in this turmoil is meaningful and for my theory it is a part of higher level arrangements. The most worrying and disturbing thing is that now army is in control and it has full capability to derail the transfer of power from true representative to the “planted representatives” like Mehmood AlBaradai.
    Lets pray that my worst possible fears are wrong and baseless.

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