Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

ظلم سے بغاوت

In America, Clsh of Civilizations, I Hate USA, Karachi Karachi, pakistan, Pakistan's Ideology on February 4, 2011 at 2:18 am

  1. Quite right Kashif bhai!
    Especially our westernized media persons and representatives of the PPP are trying to malign the victims.I saw Fauzia Wahab and Hina Jilani(sister in kanjriyat) in dawn tv she was also doing the same.
    This is the biggest proof that these low lives have a anti pakistani connection with America.

  2. it was great to read that people like you are there to spread the reality and counter the false propaganda against Pakistan and Islamic world.
    The situation today in Egypt is due to the sacrifices of Akhun al Muslimeen.
    Well hope for the best !

  3. May Allah Help to understand the whole situation so that Inqhilab could be come in Pakistan as soon as possible (Ameeen)

  4. how can we share the same article on Facebook?

  5. The celebration today in Egypt is due to the sacrifices of Akhwan al Muslimun.

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