Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

بے بسی

In America, I Hate USA, pakistan, Pakistan's Ideology on February 8, 2011 at 2:25 am

  1. Diplomatic Immunity for the American Terrorist ???


    Terrorist Americans never accept the diplomatic immunity of anybody in Micky Mouse America. But at the same time, they expect the impoverished countries to grant a full diplomatic immunity to their terrorists, who can kill anybody anytime, just because they are Americans.

    Terrorist America refused to accept the diplomatic immunity of the Deputy Ambassador of Georgia, who had killed an American woman in a car accident. This ambassador in the end, was sentenced to imprisonment in USA.

    The very same Terrorist America refused to accept the diplomatic immunity of Pakistan’s permanent Representative in UN, Munir Akram, who had a minor argument with his Jewish girlfriend, who then called the Terrorist American Police and filed a fake complaint against Munir Akram.

    This is the very same Terrorist America, which is demanding a diplomatic immunity for its Micky Mouse Terrorist, Raymond Davis in Pakistan. What a joke.

    This is called, the Micky Mouse Justice of Micky Mouse America.

    We hate Micky Mouse America.

    We urge all to boycott all Micky Mouse Products of America in Pakistan, starting from Pepsi & Coke.

  2. Americans are the worst terrorist that exist on this earth but more worst than them is their tout Pakistani establishment or ruling class. I think that the establishment is also on blackwater’s payroll. I am sure about Zardari, Rehman Malik and haqqani atleast 🙂 but the list is too long… along with Raymond and the other 3000 blackwater agents that are working in Pakistan, Pakistani establishment should be hanged as well…

  3. We are working here for strengthening and empowering community with an NGO (Local). We all are with you sir.

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