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MB Commends the People on Their Resilience and Success in Toppling Mubarak’s Regime

In Clsh of Civilizations, Islam - A Study on February 12, 2011 at 3:47 pm

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Following the historical fall of Egypt’s former president, Hosni Mubarak and his regime, the Muslim Brotherhood issued this statement congratulating the people on its good fortune.

In its statement the MB hailed the people and applauded the real heroes of the historical People’s Revolution, stressing that the revolution proved successful following the people’s united stance and sacrifices.

It cheered each and every Egyptian including men, women, children, Muslims and Christians describing the joyful news as a new dawn for all Egyptians free from the tyranny and oppression of Mubarak and his regime.

The MB reminds the masses that the great revolution could not have come about without the inevitable sacrifices, referring to the young men and women who paid with their lives so that others may live in freedom.The statement extends the MB’s heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims, reminding them that the blood of their loved ones did not go to waste.

The MB sincerely thanks and commends the army which continued to demonstrate mature understanding of the situation, acknowledging the army’s patience and tolerance in dealing with the people. It added that the army has continued to work in favour of the people and the people trust that the army will continue during this transitional period, to work in favour of each and every Egyptian in a peaceful manner to establish a civil state and legislative institutions chosen by the people through free, fair and transparent elections.

The MB asserts that the coming days will prove to be just as trying as the preliminary stages during the revolution, however, just as the youth proved to be resilient during the first stages they will also succeed in promoting progress, justice, freedom and respect for human rights to fight any further injustices.

The MB concluded its statement, asserting that through mutual respect and unity Egypt will prosper to restore its glory and be a nation comprised of people from all walks, sects, colours creeds and religions, living in peaceful and tranquil harmony.


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