Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

شہباز بھٹی کا قتل، امریکی سازش

In Blashphemy Law - An Islamic Perspective, Clsh of Civilizations, pakistan on March 6, 2011 at 3:12 am

  1. […] شہباز بھٹی کا قتل، امریکی سازش […]

  2. […] by Kashif Hafeez A Murder of shehbaz Bhatti- American Conspiracy __________________ Regards, ~ Riz […]

  3. Please watch this.

  4. Shahbaz Bhatti was killed by the American & British terrorists


    There is no doubt about the fact that Shahbaz Bhatti was killed by the Terrorists of Micky Mouse America & Fascist Britain. Its aim was to divert attention from the judicial case of Micky Mouse Terrorist, Raymond Davis & also, to give a tarnished image to Pakistan all over the world.

  5. guzishta soort-e-hal k natijay main shahbaz bhatti b toheen-e-Risalat (S.A.W.W) main mulawis hay to phir ‘mazratain’ kion? governer ka qatal thek hay to iska kion ghalat hay. agr tarf dari nai kr sktay to khamosh rahen amriki sazish na kahen

  6. kya akliyaton ki khidmat hamary liye saadat hai?

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