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Pakistan – India Semifinal – A perspective

In Clsh of Civilizations, pakistan, Pakistan History, Pakistan's Ideology on March 27, 2011 at 1:27 pm

By Dr Mohsin Ansari

Pakistan vs. India in world cup semifinal is expected to be a nail biting and a great contest. But a word of caution for all the friends, we should not take this game as a “Battle between Kufr and Islam nor a war between Haqq and Ba’ttil”.

Yes, it will be very intriguing, emotional and anxiety provoking. But do remember, after all it is a game and should be dealt as a sporting event.

India has the best team they ever had in their one day history and Pakistan has several players who can change the complexion of the game in a blink of an eye. And more importantly Pakistan has the blessings and prayers of millions of die hard Pakistani spectators. May Allah help Pakistan and its people to be successful in this world and the Hereafter (Ameen)

Though there are indeed many other critical and important open fronts with India, where we do need to be vigilant and alarmed and get our Eeman and faith involved. On one side the state terrorism and unimaginable atrocities committed by Indian soldiers in Kashmir. And on the other side is India and its MADR PDER AZAA”D culture that has already made strong inroads and successes in our personal, family and collective life as a nation.

Regrettably India and its non Islamic and Eeman destructive culture is part of every single bedroom and every single living room of Pakistani society now. One will hardly find a wedding without the Indian traditions of mehandi and the dance/music package bundled with it, similarly it is a common practice to see Pakistani kids being named after Indian movie stars, and many in Pakistan cannot even imagine having spring fun without celebrating the “Bassant”.

So much so that current and former Presidents of Pakistan admitted on national media that they are fans of Indian movies, Indian songs and obviously the indecent, obscene and vulgar culture associated with these activities! This in essence is the battle between Kufr and Islam” and a war between Haqq and Ba”ttil. Unfortunately a combat which is long lost and more ill-fated is the fact it happened without us even realizing that we are on the losing side!!

Dr. Mosin Ansari is MD FAAP ,Clinical Faculty, University of Maryland School of Medicine


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  2. this is very much true that we show our enmity in cricket only.we should ask ourselves how much honest are we with our islam.have we ever read quran translation.

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