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We should support our team: By Dr. Mohsin Ansari

In pakistan on March 31, 2011 at 7:41 pm

Today every Pakistani whether living in Pakistan or living abroad is extremely dejected and disturbed.  Of course this feels like a huge anticlimax after a cricket fever which lasted for more than a month.

But we as a nation should remember that this is an important and critical time for our cricket team. During these times of extreme emotions, we need to remember some very important facts. Shahid Afridi and his team took Pakistan to a world cup semi final after 12 long years.

We had great fast bowlers like Waseem, Waqar, Shoaib and the most talented batsman including Inzimam, Yusuf and Saeed Anwar in these 12 years, but yet this team achieved which these super heroes were not able to accomplish. Secondly do not forget that the whole world including ICC, Indian board and IPL tried to marginalize our team by not inviting our players to some key tournaments.

The most unfortunate incident was the departure of the three most talented cricketers from the Pakistan team just couple of months before the world Cup.

All these disadvantages were coupled by the drawback of not been able to play any cricket in the home country and having the most non professional and disgusting cricket board.

Taking into consideration all these odds and mishaps, Pakistan started this world Cup as under dogs and probably the least favorite team to win the world cup.

On the contrary what Pakistan achieved is in abundance to make Pakistanis not only proud of their team but also hopeful for a fantastic future of this predominantly young team.

First Pakistan won the series in New Zealand for the first time then continued the good work in the world cup. They not only attained the top position in their group but were also able to beat the top teams of the world including Australia, Sri Lanka and West indies with a touch of class and excellence.

Although it does feel like that but surely, losing semi finals is not the end of the world. I see a successful Pakistan, If as a nation we can show the same zeal and enthusiasm (which we showed in last few weeks for cricket) towards spreading the education and eliminating injustice and corruption from the society, and bringing our nation back towards the obedience of our Creator our Lord Allah SWT



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