Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui

About Kashifiat

I am Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui. I am Masters in Business Administration & working as a Manager in a private firm.

Additionally ,I am writing columns in Daily Ummat with the name of Manzar-Pasmanazar.

I am also running a website of my Urdu columns as www.kashifhafeez.com

All those who wants to  write TRUTH and nothing other than the truth, are welcome here, little difference of opinion doesn’t matter. This is the forum where we can resist liberals and enemies of Pakistan and Islam in a peaceful, logical and dignified manner.

You can contact me through kashifhaf@gmail.com

  1. Assalam-o-Alaikum,
    Bhai Kashif, I am so glad to see the english site of yours. I wrote at your urdu website long before that you should have one in english.

    Sukran Sukran and Keep it up brother.


  2. Good job dear. . .mind if I give your English link on my facebook . . . hopefully a lot of my contacts may be interested to come to your website.

  3. best wishes and prayers.you are doing a great job.

  4. AOA brother
    you are doing greatest job. Your columns, articles and news are qualititative and awesome. i really appreicate your work. Thank you so much for providing us smart and splendid knowledge about every auspect of life.

  5. On my insisting and after a long follow up, Kashif Hafeez has permitted me to create his public profile and group on Facebook. He was such a humble that it took so long for me to create these pages.

    Therefore, Facebook users will now be able to become fan and / or member to Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui’s Group and Public Figure.

    There you will also be welcomed to start, discuss and express views on different topics as well as your opinion for improvement of these pages.

    Thank you, Kashif Saheb.

  6. This is an Islamofascist web site. Osama and Mullah Umar most be so proud of you. So must be Gen Zia in hell.

  7. Kashif Bhai I read your article at Pakistan desk. it had great material in it to understand the qadyaniat and their associates. Count me in your league thank you.
    Mirza Arshad Baig Advocate @ arsh

  8. desi cheetah or monkey in american circus.

  9. If you want a bigoted, rumour-mongering, ignorant web site written in poor english…this is the site for you..

    • i am speechless…

    • desi cheetah got some real problem. Although Brother Kashif decided to allow his comment appear which here is not that lunatic.

      However, I censored him.

      @”Desi Cheetah” You need to learn manners in criticizing. Your opinion will have weight only when and if you present a logical counter argument supported by facts.

  10. hey kashifiat…i would like t talk with you about different topics…it will be nice to talk about pakistan and its issues

  11. Honourable Hazrat Khadija (ra)
    Cockroach Lady Diana

    عالی مرتبہ حضرت خدیجہ – رض


    کاکروچ کنجری – لیڈی ڈیانا


    Urdu site


    The hero, ideal and the leader of the muslim women all over the world, are Um-ul-Momineen, particularly Honourable Hazrat Khadija (ra).

    Cockroach Lady Diana is not not not not not not the hero fo the muslim women.

    Cockroach Lady Diana was the international prostitute and she had 700 boyfriends. This shameless & a half naked prostitute can never become the hero of the muslim women.

    Please read our above Urdu site for more information.

    Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi




  12. from Afghanistan I am 100% agree with truths you publish. great job

  13. AOA brotheryou are doing greatest job. Your columns, articles and news are qualititative and awesome. i really appreicate your work. Thank you so much for providing us smart and splendid knowledge about every auspect of life.

  14. kashif you are a sad excuse for a human being – pakistanis living in Europe and America are ashamed of bigots such as yourself. What has happened with the qadianis is wrong – there is no excuse for it. Look how Bhutto ended up , look how Zia ended up. Niether one of them was an islamist but they did not have the guts to stand u to the mullahs. Only my Lord Allah has the right to decide who is a muslim and who is not. I have sent your article to my MP and asked him to refer it to the foreign office visa section for review (hope you were not expecting to visit a civilised country anytime soon as I doubt you will get a visa to Europe or N America). Anyways enjoy heera mandi and say hi to zia when if you see any part off him (i hear he is spread all over pakistan)

  15. best wishes after reading all above comment i will only say tundahi baad e mukhalif say na ghabra ai uqaab yay to chalty hai tujh e uncha urranay ka liye

  16. Assalamualikum,
    Dear Kashif Sb. First time I read about you after Shahadat of Hazrat Moulana Saeed Ahmad Jalapuri (Rahmatullah Alaihi). someone send me your link’s about exposing Zaid Hamid’s real face…
    So I appreciate you that you are doing good job through your columns to defeat anti Islam and anti Pakistan forces…We are with you, InshaAllah

  17. A lot of muslim brothers on this website will join you in hell……
    You misrepresent islam as a religion promoting hatred!

    This beautiful nation is heading in the wrong direction, we should not worry about the religious extremists that blow themselves up in our cities but more on those who are so misguided and lost in their own ideology, those who distribute their hatred websites such as this.

    Religion is a personal and spiritual matter, no state nor any judicial body has the power to overrule Allah, Who gives you the right to call people muslim or in fact non-muslim. Only god has this right and power.

    If you feel or strongly believe that Ahmadis/Qadiyanis are misled then help guide them through brotherhood and dialogue.

    The west and the so called ‘kaffirs’ of the west have served the needs of humanity more than any of you.

    Islam will only thrive once again, when we learn from our history, the islamic empire spread pandemically only because of the importance placed on education and knowledge – we pioneered science in those days, but now we pioneer hatred.

    your proficiency of English will not mask the insane, narrow minded and un-islamic ideology.

    May Allah show you the right path, May Allah open your eyes and grant forgiveness.

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