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سید زید زمان حامد – دانشوری سے حقیقت تک

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This is the compilation of Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui articles on  the issue of  establishing link between Yusuf Kazzab and  Zaid Zaman Hamid in Daily Ummat Karachi.

These articles were  widely appreciated by all sections of society. Considering the sensitivity of issue these articles are now presented in a beautiful booklet form.

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An ideal stage for (self proclaimed) Messiahs

In Kazzab Corner on April 3, 2010 at 4:28 pm

By Rehan Ali :

To my previous post, Let history be our mentor, I was criticized for not talking about the “hands behind the gun”. Aren’t they all too obvious? Don’t we know who is pulling the strings? Even the most naïve of us know who is capable of such acts. Keeping the records straight, let us ponder over the query. Let us summarize our current state of affairs first. It may prove to be a refresher for many and a lesson in practicality for our early adolescents. Disagreements and differences when channelised and appropriately communicated are opportunities of learning hence are welcomed.

Pakistan is clutched tightly by the cohort of generals, feudals and industrialists and their cronies, our homegrown Troika. The system or the lack of it is well suited to the Troika, yet from time to time, when the resentment inflates to a certain extent, the air is let out through up for hire charlatans. Zaid Zaman Hamid along with Ahmed Qureshi where hired for these services by our latest savior, General Parvaiz Musharaf.

So, how do these characters fit the scheme? What is the purpose of having these mouthpieces, (at times) voluntary preachers? Before we take this avenue let us first assess our environment. Today, decadence, humiliation, exploitation, (price) inflation, corruption, lack of values, depleted morality, intolerance and social disintegration – a great confusion – is rampant in our society. The self proclaimed puritans of the land of pure are giving sermons and speeches around these subjects, subsequently, aggravating the confusion. Differences of opinion, the hallmark of human progress, are shunted as intolerance and frustration peaks. Everyone becomes a party and starts yapping and dismissing others as ill-intentioned or ill-equipped.

Despair, decline, scarcity, confusion and an urge to change are the traits which charlatans relish on. The power of fantasy is so overwhelming that people rarely believe their problems as a result of their misdeeds and stupidity. There is always someone, something to blame – the others, rulers, enemies, etc. Salvation becomes the immediate need and more appropriately the most profound vulnerability. Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) encapsulate the situation as “Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived”.

Let us now look at the core objective of having a hired or voluntary propagandist. These charlatans, through their extempore further ignite the emotions, making it impossible for rationale, strategic and visionary thinking to be exercised. They provide far fetched goals, though highly luminous yet unachievable. There is no clear cut time frames or timelines rather an endless lists of tasks and sub tasks. This provides ample room to con-artists (politicians) and the purest and most superior, the infallible generals to conduct business as usual.

Over the ages charlatans have perfected the art of deceit and although we know their pricks it takes us a while to realize when we ourselves are victimized. They come and deprive us of rationality, clear thinking and judgment. Grete de Francesco, a Swiss journalist, after studying a good number of such characters concluded, “The charlatan achieves his great power by simply opening a possibility for men to believe what they already want to believe …. The credulous cannot keep at a distance; they crowd around the wonder worker, entering his personal aura, surrendering themselves to illusion with a heavy solemnity, like cattle”.

They hit us with a combination of simple ideas expressed in vague terms, camouflaging their statements while engaging our minds through teasers. There is always something big, something profound, a higher calling that only a man of higher cadre and contemporary thinking (the charlatan himself) is capable to comprehend. They undermine the intellectual amongst us to the more visual and sensual, the former being more prone to skepticism are not easy targets. The source of income is always kept a secret and there seems to be no accounts for expenses incurred in propagation and promotion of the mission. After attracting a certain number of dupes the charlatan adds an Us-vs-Them dynamic to intensify loyalties and strengthen cohesion.

They divide our intelligentsia, which in turn spirals into infighting amongst them and those who feel elevated enough to be part of this war of words are engaged with non-issues or convinced to direct their attention on issues of higher degree, bearing no implications on the matters at hand yet perceived as the root cause. The worst part is that our emotional instability and hot headedness facilitate these self proclaimed messiahs (Zaid Zaman Hamid and Company) to engage our masses and utilize their energies as they deem fit.

In our lust for change we simply parted ways with rationality. Through out the month, Pakistan emerge victorious, as there was hardly any day without a lie been caught, folly been exposed, claims refuted and their idiosyncrasies revealed. We, atleast some of us, experience one of the phases of denial, realization, acceptance and vengeance. At this last phase, we become the voluntary soldiers of the “troika” which planted, if not, than certainly nurtured them, taking care of their (Establishment’s) unfinished business.

So what Zaid did was nothing new but his phenomenal success is largely attributed to our (masses’) ignorance. As the curtain falls on this theatrical, we should reflect and analyze our learning, if there is any. Will this chapter end here? Will we rewrite the script? Did we come all this way after a certain someone (in affection or vengeance)? Are we nearing the end of enlightenment and awakening with the departure of this peculiar someone? Are we resolute in our quest for change or was it all blind fellowship?

Aye mere watan ke fankaro (maimaron), zulmat pe na apna fan waro
Ye mehl sara’on ke baasi, qatil hain sabhi apne yaro
Wirsay main hamain yeh gham hai mila, iss gham ko nayaa kia likhna
Zulmat ko zia, sarsar ko saba, banday ko Khuda kia likhna

Let history be our mentor

In Kazzab Corner on March 25, 2010 at 9:33 am
By Rehan Ali

Does Adolf Hitler ring a bell? Historian and analysts attribute his rise and fame to the geopolitical situation facing Germany. Hitler found Germany in a social and political mess, infighting for power and control of parliament was the only goal of each faction, with the military holding the system together. The economy was in shambles and people found it extremely difficult to make their ends meet, life was very harsh for them. On the global front communism was gaining currency and posed a severe threat to the German elite, the rich exorbitant and industrialists. Hitler exploited these long term factors through propaganda, the terror of his storm-troopers, and the brilliance of his speeches.

Invoking a sense of nationalism, providing economical solutions and offering a common enemy and scapegoat for the situation (Jews) Hitler instantly found mass appeal for his fascist agenda. The vicious little man with a program of hatred became an overnight hero. His rhetoric transformed Germany from a failed state to a super power but for what? The country went to war killed in millions and eventually was shared as a trophy by the allied armies. The visionary of great Germany ended up enslaving and separating its people, as the country was divided into East and West Germany. Adolf Hitler wrote the worst chapter of human history.

History repeats itself and the best part of this repeat episode of history is that it is happening around us, or was happening around us prior to 23rd March. , Taliban being a immediate worry for the Pakistani elite, control of parliament being the sole objective of political factions, social uproar, military ensuring continuity of the current system, the common enemy and scapegoat (America, Israil and India), and economic failure attributed to capitalism read Zionism. Our youth were given the right mix of ingredients to ensure they get a high out of it. A nicely formulated dose of nationalism and pan Islamism, using Iqbal as a cover, nicely wrapped in glamor.

The biggest chink in the armor, a sense of lost ideology and direction, Zaid preyed on this fact through a well orchestrated turn of events. Narrating stories of Muslims’ greatness and with promises of regaining them he excelled on their deprivations and a common hatred for America, Israil, India, corrupt politicians, misplaced priorities and a general lack of nationhood. All these are real factors, as was the case with Germany, but why are we making the same mistake which the Germans did and paid dearly.

To a previous post I received many a comments, but one comment stands out and warrants sharing. “We seem to have a massive inferiority complex, and need to (be) victimized by the rest of the world. WE judge our importance by listing all the countries and agencies that are screwing with us! Honorable Hamid is giving everyone a way to intensify these feelings by situating us at the centre of the world and offering people a destination, a path towards an awesome victory that we desperately need!! Sensationalism always trumps pragmatism! But in the long run, once we pay the unthinkable cost of all these violent rhetoric, hopefully sanity will prevail” adds the commentator.

Agreed! There is no such thing as a free lunch, the outlined destination bears a (great) price and being in the center of the world, to an adolescent mind, is priceless. But what this war phallic is leading us is a massacre; we will find our selves in the center of the world only to be pounced upon from all directions. He talks about invading India at a time when our forces are engaged in a war on the western front. We are fighting pockets, which are funded yes I would not negate by the anti Pakistan forces. They are hitting our urban centers, killing civilians in large numbers.

Every sane person let alone scholars is praying for peace, even the ISAF forces in Afghanistan are negotiating an end to war. Yet our Honorable defense analyst/economic expert/historian/religious scholar wants to wage a war. So, why is Zaid given so much room to engage in public speaking, who is he working for? Why would such a controversial figure be hired? He advocates Iqbaliat, nishat e sania and Khilafat e Rashdiya, than why are all reputable and respected religious scholars wary of him? He considers the “mission” to be grandeur than why he doesn’t end this huge controversy by condemning a blasphemer. From the turn of events, starting from his 58 minute clarity on Yousuf Kazzab, following observations can be drawn.

He tries to create a distance between youth and mainstream religious scholars by fuelling nationalist sentiments in them and exploiting the differences amongst various masaliks (schools of thoughts). He invokes in them a sense of superiority, nationality and succeeds in his agenda by creating confusion through fabricating a web of lies all stemming from true and objective facts. This agenda is nothing new and its footprints tracked back to early colonial rule in the subcontinent. Tried and failed many times earlier, this is no major threat, although it cannot be neglected or ignored.

Is it all this explicit or there is something else in store for us? Was this whole theatrical staged for eliminating trust amongst the youth, to kill their hope, to make them averse to ideas of change and revival? “Frankly speaking I don’t care what happens, ye kachray ka dhair hai, kachra hi rahayga! (It’s a pile of rubbish and will remain so) Don’t get it why people become so optimistic that this time the country will be lead to glory” questions Samreen, not her real name, while discussing the saga that has unfolded in front of her. She is not alone and is part of a sizeable group who feel dejected at being taken advantage of. “They come and give splendid speeches, talk about revival, esteem and above all a sense of pride, a few yards down the road their not so desirous identities are revealed” grieves Raheel, not his real name either.

Samreen and Raheel are not isolated rather represent a great majority of Pakistani youth, irritated by yet another broken trust, another false promise. Astonishingly, they did not even belong to any of the two camps. They constitute a general discontented, disappointed, disgruntled and frustrated youth, feeling being used and taken advantage of. Emotions in the pro camp are even worse and understandably so. The anti camp thinks they have won or have they? Have they really achieved anything, if so, than what and what do they propose to do with it? Stop whining people! Pull yourself together and for the anti camp, your job is not to stop or expose a certain Zaid Hamid, rather work towards eliminating prejudices, preferences, biases and divides which people such as these exploit to their advantage. Develop a fellowship of rationale thinkers, direct your focus towards root causes, Zaid is a symptom and not the disease, lets use this platform for awakening our youth so that such events are prevented.

Remember, Zaid did only what we (youth) allowed him to do; we allowed him access to control our minds. We followed his rhetoric and now that things have cleared we are on the lookout for a scapegoat. It is about time that we start taking responsibility for our actions; we need a brighter, stronger and prosperous Pakistan. Our love for this motherland will make it happen, what we need to resolve this year is that we will not follow fallacies; we will abide by laws, rules and procedures laid out in the constitution. We love our motherland and if need be we will defend it with all that we can muster. I’m hopeful that there is light at the end of our tunnel, Surah Al e Imran, verse 54, “And (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and God too planned, and the best of planners is God”.

دیتے ہیں دھوکا بازی گر کھلا

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Blind Faith or Emotional Pull?

In Kazzab Corner on March 22, 2010 at 8:35 am

By Rehan Ali-  A Young Journalist

Recent debates, especially on facebook, regarding Zaid Hamid and his relations with a convicted blasphemer who died in jail almost a decade ago have certainly caught the Pakistani youth by surprise. They find themselves locked in an argument which is taking a heavy toll on their intellect and energies. On one side there are people who look upto traditional religious scholars with a good number of years and experience in the matters of religion while the other segment is quite wary of these sources and choose to follow their “Sir” Zaid Hamid.

A closer look into the matter reveals that our youth can easily be generalized as passionate, emotional, irrational, impulsive, aggressive, vulnerable, know-it-all, mind guarded and above all frustrated. The description is equally valid for all the participants irrespective of their point of view. Ironic it may be both the parties well and truly are the future of Pakistan. These youngsters are enrolled in medical, engineering and management universities.

A visit to pro-camp points how easily we the Pakistani youth fall prey to rhetorical war mongers on the name of religion. The followers there are not madressah students, long branded for being fanatics and extremists, but rather educated minds. While on the anti-camp you will find statements of religious scholars belonging to various schools of thoughts, evidences produced and deemed authentic in the court, even the complete court judgment. The advocates calling Zaid Hamid of being a vice of a blasphemer are actively gathering proofs to justify their allegations and even interacting with scholars while the other party seems to be too naïve to listen to or visit anyone. What is more surprising is that there have been defectors in the later camp while the former are steadfast.

The often asked question “Are you (Zaid Hamid) associated with Yousuf Kazzab?” is secondary to who are you? A self proclaimed defense analyst, a jihadi during American funded afghan war, religious scholar, economic expert, a historian and a diehard fan of Dr. Muhammad Iqbal. The question to ask is “What exactly is this character in question?” Who is at the centre to the most ferocious, vivacious, unique and splitting cyber war the country is experiencing.

Cross checks and his own statements presents Zaid Hamid as a computer systems engineer from NED University, Karachi, a very involved jihadi during the afghan war. Later he managed Brinks Securities, Rawalpindi before the entrepreneur in him created Brasstacks an organization which provides security updates and guidance to various national and multinational companies operating in Pakistan.

So how did an engineer from NED become a defense analyst, expert in economics, history and religious matters? These achievements, if true, are nothing short of a fairy tale. Globally, it is general practice that experts have certain contributions such as white papers to their credit, which are examined and debated upon by their peers and seniors to lend credibility and validate their authenticity; unfortunately in this case no such document exists.

What is even more surprising is that a particular and a self proclaimed jihadi is given a lot of room to freely go and deliver speeches and produce TV shows while his contemporaries are blocked, banned and put under arrest. So what is so good about this eloquent speaker that he is allowed to beat the war drums. What is more interesting is that every scholar of repute irrespective of his maslak (school of thought) eyes Zaid with suspicion.

But than again vision often gets blurred when emotions run high and we prefer to perceive things to our liking, facts are molded and our whims and fantasies have the better of us. Those who refer to documented evidences are told to directed their attention on the greater cause which is preached by the controversial speaker and it is explicitly stated “one should believe what is said and forget about who is saying it” as quoted by a diehard fan to avoid further argument. However, for any scholarly debate it is advised that before you lend your ear to someone, ensure that he is of good lineage, his immediate family is bears worthy credentials and he has a sound upbringing and tutoring in the concerned subject.

However, in this particular case it is argued; his (apparent) intentions are not only good but a realization of Pakistan’s destiny as predicted by ‘Syed Nurullah Shah Wali” a saint who existed 900 years ago, amazingly no clue to this saint nor his prediction is available anywhere except a book authored by non-other than Zaid Hamid.

Void of any qualification in defense studies, strategy formulation, economics, history and politics we are forced to lend an ear to an eloquent speaker through the air waves. He even goes on record suggesting that “Pakistan should launch one or two missiles at Israel, perhaps without nuclear warheads to reprimand Mosad for interfering with Pakistan’s internal security”.

Quran in Surah Munafiqoon, verse 4, gives the final verdict “When thou lookest at them, their exteriors please thee; and when they speak, thou listenest to their words. They are as (worthless as hollow) pieces of timber propped up, (unable to stand on their own). They think that every cry is against them. They are the enemies; so beware of them. The curse of God be on them! How are they deluded (away from the Truth)!”

Reflecting on our decisions we should ask ourselves whether our conclusions were drawn or derived through intellectual exercise or are a result of some personal impression, facts or simple hearsay. We must ask our selves, Why we as a society are vulnerable to such rhetoric? What is the state of our intellect? How long will we keep acting like a flock of sheep or a hoard of cattle?

Do we as a nation, need to focus our energies on insulting traditional religious scholar and engaging in war hysteria with neighbouring India or should we look inside and try to resolve our core issues i.e. illiteracy, unavailability of basic necessities and rising unemployment. How much longer can we blame America, Israel, India and Govt. for our shortcomings? What have we done remaining well within our constitutional domains for the inequalities, injustices and malpractices we observe around us? Has any one of us ever lodged a complaint, even thought about doing it, against these everyday occurrences? The lamest excuse in this matter is that the system is not conducive to individual efforts. Instead of following someone’s oratory and condemn Institutions we should actively pursue our constitutional rights. Civil disobedience or military take over as suggested by the enlightened expert are not a solution but rather a grave mistake.

یہ رتبہ بلند ملا جس کو مل گیا۔

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Zaid Hamid – Drama bazi

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See the following movie which is exposing his concepts of Islam, on front side he is talking about Islam, Pakistan, Iqbal & Quaid but in reality he is supporting Islam which is Liberal & moderate, with the help of Ahmed Qureshi (Pro Mushraf) & Ali Azmat – a renound singer

Another movie, where he is promoting army role in Govt through the speeches of Late Zia ul Haq & Aslam Kiani

& Now, Maria B will bring Khalifiat-e-Rashida system in the leadership of ZZH

Nia Jaal – Purani Shikari – Part II

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Nia Jaal – Puranai Shikari

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Zaid Hamid – In Search of Truth – Part II

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